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Distance Learning System

No description

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Distance Learning System

Distance Learning System
Current Scenario
Rich Picture
Business Activity Model
My Point of view
Distance Learning System
Submitted by: sdklondon
Gather at a common location at a particular time.
Geographical independence
Time independence
What is a System?
An organized, purposeful structure that consists of interrelated and interdependent elements (components, entities, factors, members, parts etc.). These elements continually influence one another (directly or indirectly) to maintain their activity and the existence of the system, in order to achieve the goal of the system.
What is DLS?
A system which enables a student to access all the educational resources (lectures, assignments, assessments and even problem solving) from a remote location.
1. Does not require commuting
2. Self-paced learning
3. Accessibility

Live anywhere, Study from anywhere
Case Study
In Indonesia, Universitas Terbuka (UT) has given over one million people the opportunity to access higher education and has contributed significantly to the country's efforts to upgrade teachers qualifications
"The growth of ODL(Open and Distance Learning) has facilitated mass access to quality higher education.The exclusionary triangle of access, cost, and quality has been broken by technology and its evolution, allowing broad access to quality education."

- Barney Pityana
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