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PwC & Oracle - The Journey to Modern HR

No description

Anthony Cessario

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of PwC & Oracle - The Journey to Modern HR

The Journey to
HR with Oracle & PwC

Today's Mission
Oracle & PwC Teams
Oracle HCM Cloud Overview
Wrap Up
Anthony Cessario
- Executive Perspective: Oracle Strategy
- Tracy Martin, SR Dir Oracle HCM Cloud Product Strategy
- Recruiting & Transitions
- Grant Collie, Principal HCM Solutions Consultant
- Employee Experience
- Irfan Khan, HCM Solution Architect Leader
Manager Experience
- HR Professional Experience
Introductions & Overview
Anthony Cessario, HCM Sales Mgr.
- Questions for Follow-Up
- Action Items
- Next Steps

Help the PwC team confidently articulate why
is the most
provider of
HR technology in the World.
“With regards to Workday, Oracle and SAP; Oracle was not only most committed to the success of their cloud HR technology but was also most committed to the success of PMC-Sierra on this incredibly important transformational initiative.”
- Adhir Mattu, Chief Information Officer, PMC-Sierra
World Class User Experience
Global Scalability
End to End Integrated Technology
Business Critical Insights
Keys to Gilead's Success in Modern HR
How did we do???
HCM Cloud: The Future of
Rethinking Talent & HR in the Modern Business
Re-Thinking HR
Christine Melon, VP HCM Transformation, Oracle
Antonia Cusumano Binetti , Partner PwC
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