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Jean Paul Gaultier

No description

Summer Ghaznavi

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Jean Paul Gaultier

How does Jean Paul Gautier continue to be a major icon in the fashion industry today? -In 1990, Gautier created one of his signature looks for Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour

-She appeared on stage wearing the pink conical bra under a men's style suit

-The bra appeared to be a combination of antique and futuristic lingerie

-This design earned Gaultier new levels of attention from the fashion world.

-Today that has beome one of the most iconic pieces of fashion history of all time Gaultier had designed for legendary celebrities
and has become a favorite for many celebrities Some examples of famous celebrities who wear his designs often include: Naomi Watts  Marion Cotillard,
(2011 Oscars) Nicole Kidman. 
(2011 Grammy Awards) 1995 2011 1997 What better way for people to get to know more about you than staring in a movie about you?! This film spans Gaultier's 30-year career and includes interviews with Gautlier's former model and muse Farida Khelfa and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. -Gaultier created various outfits worn by Lady Gaga
-Gaga by Gaultier is an interview between Lady Gaga and Jean Paul Gaultier
-It was filmed at the House of Gaultier in Paris, France, on May 10, 2011. Gaultier took things that were unheard of and made them fabulous! Gaultier
breaks the rules! Tough leather jacket with
a crinoline
skirt with sneakers! Punk was only a style you saw on the streets. It was something that rebellious teens and young adults did to stand out and break out of the "norm". Gaultier took this style and transformed it into high couture fashion which was worn on the runways. Skirts on men and
suits on women! Gaultier took corsets and underwear and brought them on top! Gaultier has been part of many movie productions over the years designing outrageous and unigque costumes for character, some worn by well known stars.

Some examples are: If not a young rebel any longer, Gaultier remains one of fashion's most iconic and creative designers.  Gaultier continues to expand in new directions like adding several new fragrances and launching a children's clothing line. Gaultier was and always will be a major icon in the fashion industry!
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