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Win Your Way!

No description

Neha Venkatesh

on 27 November 2017

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Transcript of Win Your Way!

ULAB is the Undergraduate Lab @ UC Berkeley. They offer research opportunities for freshmen in 6 different labs, ranging from Chemistry/Biology to Neuroscience. With access to a large group as the Publicity Chair of ULAB, I am able to promote Kaplan to a diverse, yet large part of the student population.
MCBcDNA is a student organization supported by the MCB Department. They provide the community, not only pre-med students, with the resources for success. Through their monthly workshops and seminars, Kaplan can advertise the Win Your Way! campaign and maybe even sponsor one of their workshops, giving Kaplan more visibility amongst students.
The Student Government at UC Berkeley has a strong foothold and has the resources to advertise to a large amount of students in a diverse manner. During their monthly promotional events, I can handout flyers, give short talks, host seminars and run tables on Sproul that help promote Kaplan.
Win Your Way!
As a student organization, SWE strives to highlight the achievements and contributions of women as leaders and engineers. Advertising Kaplan through their many mixers and professional events will raise awareness about the Win Your Way! campaign and all the resources that Kaplan has to offer. As one of their scholarship winners, I already have access to some of the officials in the organization and could give Kaplan a foothold in the club.
As the most popular student organization amongst students planning to pursue a career in medicine, mcbUSA is the best way to reach students who plan on taking the MCAT.
Engineers Without Borders is an all-inclusive club that, despite its name, welcomes majors of all kinds to make the world a better place. From initiatives in Peru to projects in Panama, Engineers Without Borders is a student-run organization that I believe would benefit greatly from the Win Your Way! campaign.
Student Outreach
- UC Berkeley Class Facebook Pages
- UC Berkeley Departmental Facebook Pages
- UC Berkeley Major Facebook Pages
- UC Berkeley Dorm Facebook Pages
- Official UC Berkeley Instagram
- Snapchat Location GeoStories
Advertisements in the Daily Californian
Flyers and Posters at sports events and rallies.
Reach out to professors and ask if they are willing to advertise to their students
Giving out food/swag on Sproul as incentives
Flyering to thousands of students on Sproul
For me, Kaplan is more than a test prep company. They care about their students and are in the business of helping students achieve their dreams of higher education. Just knowing that Kaplan has a role in almost each and every college like the Student Brand Ambassador goes to prove their determination to make their product known to the students.
Who am I?
No-Cost Hassle-Free Social Media Promotions
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