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ChazMation Reorganization

IDIS 444 Regional Manager Project

Cameron Brown

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of ChazMation Reorganization

A Little Bit of History Founded by Chaz Slater in 1969.
An automation company originally specializing in the food and beverage industry.
Preferred Supplier for large food-packaging companies like Pepsi and Lays
Headquartered in Houston
As company expanded, core competencies became region-specific.
background Locations Expanded to Mexico to be closer to key suppliers
Then expanded up through West Coast to Canada
structure Current Organization Proposed Organization Disconnect between branches because of distance between Houston and other branches.
Core competencies began to shift by region

Positions to be filled...
Houston Branch Manager
5 Regional Managers
5 Branch Managers
hiring General Selection Criteria CFO Selection Seek to hire mainly existing employees.
Chazmation thrives on fostering a family culture, wants to maintain a consistent company culture.
Demonstrate a proven record of integrity, honesty, respect, and service to others.
Chazmation will utilize a third party recruiter to hire candidates from outside the company, as long as they have these qualities.
Strong educational background in finance, accounting and capital investment.
Experience in applying their educational background in a professional setting.
managers Minimum of 5 years experience as a branch manager.
Experience should be from within the specific industry that the region specializes in.

Ability to understand the direction of their industry.

Open to extensive travel.

Will only look to hire from outside the company if a suitable hire cannot be made from within Regional Manager Selection Criteria Methodology Prescreening Process Resume and Performance Review "THE BOX" Finalists Chosen Based on Performance using... "The Box" Simulates a stressful day in the life of a regional manager.
Qualitative Analysis - Personality, People Skills, Conflict Resolution, Prioritization, etc.
Quantitative Analysis- Quality of projects, Financial Analysis Capabilities, Familiarity with CRP and other systems, etc.
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