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Lisa Qin MMS

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Bachata

Spanish Music Project
Characteristics of Bachata
Bachata offers relatively simple music and vocals focusing on heartbreak and sadness. Played with the requinto (or lead guitar), rhythm guitar, electric bass guitar, bongos and güira, it is traditionally acoustic. Some say this particular type of music is made to be danced somewhere casual like a beach or countryside, where it had originated.
by Alanza Tyre, Coral Vu, and Sandia Qin
Bachata is often associated with Edilio Paredes, a "founding father" of Bachata, and Juan Luis Guerra, who won a Grammy Award in 1992 for his album "Bachata Rosa", making Bachata internationally well-known.
Bachata is played, listened to, and danced to most commonly in the Dominican Republic, where it originated.
Today, Bachata is associated mostly with modern Bachata artists, such as Joe Veras, Zacarias Ferrera, and Anthony Santos, who is known as the "King of Modern Bachata, and formerly was the lead singer of Aventura K.O.B (kings of bachata). Bachata is associated with heartbreak and sadness.
Before Bachata music became a major industry in the Dominican Republic, it was typically played at events such as Sunday afternoon parties and gatherings that took place in citizens back yards, living rooms, or in the street that were known as Bachatas. Now, Bachata musicians rarely appear on television and they perform in working-class clubs in the capital of the Dominican Republic.
History of Bachata
Bachata was originated in rural areas of the Dominican Republic, and emerged in the 1960's. It was derived from the Latin American tradition of guitar music. Bachata was majorly influenced by the music type Bolero, and was sometimes composed of mixed Cuban Boleros. While Salsa and Meringue was constantly on the radio, Bachata musicians were forced to find a different system of producing and distributing their music.
Traditional Bachata music is also danced to with the traditional Bachata dance (see link below)
Joe Veras, Zacarias Ferrera, and Anthony Santos, who is known as the "King of Modern Bachata, are often associated with modern Bachata. Currently, Aventura is a popular Bachata band.
Typically, women that dance Bachata wear dresses and jewelry along with high heels. They style their hair in an updo with a clip that matches the clothes they are wearing. Men usually wear suits with a cuffed shirt that is tucked into their pants. They wear either brown or black dress shoes with their outfit.
In the near future, may start to become more popular than merengue orquestas because one of the main instruments, the electric guitar.This is because international audiences are more familiar with the guitar and horn-led styles.
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