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Appreciative Advising Model

Dr. Bloom's model of Appreciative Advising and six phases

Tracy Arneson-Baker

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Appreciative Advising Model

Presented by:
Tracy Arneson-Baker, COEPS Advising Coordinator
Lana Collet-Klingenberg, Associate Professor, Special Education Appreciative Advising Model Disarm Discover First impressions
Safe, welcoming environment
Build rapport
Verbal and nonverbal behaviors Positive, open-ended questions
Find: strengths, skills, passions, and accomplishments
Active listening! Dream Help formulate a vision
Assist in developing life and career goals
Encourage being open to the possibilities Design Help devise concrete, incremental, and achievable goals
Establish a realistic timeline
Who is responsible for what and when Deliver Students follow through
Advisors help when they stumble, believe in every step, and help update and refine dreams
Energize to be their best Don't Settle Challenge students to proactively raise their internal bar
The power of high expectations
Challenge and support “Appreciative Advising is the intentional collaborative practice of asking positive, open-ended questions that help students optimize their educational experiences and achieve their dreams, goals, and potentials.” Dr. Jennifer L. Bloom
University of South Carolina Share 1. What is it that you're already doing that fits this model? 2. What have you heard/learned today that you can apply in your own advising experiences going forward this fall semester?
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