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Case #1 McDonalds "Seniors" Restaurant

No description

Kristi Olson

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Case #1 McDonalds "Seniors" Restaurant

Case #1 McDonalds "Seniors" Restaurant
Seniors go to McDonald's for monthly breakfast deal.
Turned into a daily occurrence
Seniors stay until 3pm
Created "bonds" with employees
Only issue is crowding
Lisa interested in BINGO for seniors?
McDonalds manager is concerned with image
-Lots of business
-Clean up after themselves
-leave before the lunch rush
-regular customers
-relationships with customers
-unlimited coffee refill
-take up a lot of space
-stay for long periods of time
-give discount--less profit
-”old people” reputation
relationships with seniors
bingo games?
turnover of food
Greater Revenue
More seniors will come and overfill restaurant
changes "fast food" concept
seniors abusing discount
Target Market
Senior Citizens
Five Step Approach
1. Define the problem
2. Analyzing the situation
3. Getting problem-specific data
4. Interpreting the data
5. Solving the problem
What Would You Do?
Our Decision
We collectively decided to NOT implement the BINGO game
Brand Recognition
McDonalds name commonly known throughout world
Good reputation due to brand name
will keep customer base
McDonalds has its own trademark known by almost anyone
golden arches
The McDonalds Experience
Professional services like bingo isn't a good idea
people eat inside for the atmosphere
differentiation with a combination of goods for specific target markets
other ideas: free wi-fi encourage consumerism
Quality Consistency
BINGO will change the atmosphere
Creating different standards for customers
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