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Our Perception & How We Think


Essence Moultrie

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Our Perception & How We Think

Our Perception
How We Think Lori Forbes
Essence Moultrie
Team B Our Difficulties How It Is
Important To Lori Week One
Reflection Our Comfort Zone Understanding there are strategies to enhance our thinking Determining the perceptual blocks that
hinder further growth It is important to conduct individual research to find the correct answers myself How It Is
Important To Essence How It Is
Important To Society Admitting we are not superior critical thinkers
while taking on new mental challenges Identifying our stage of critical thinking development Identify the best methods to overcome our individual perceptual hindering blocks It is important that I do not follow what others do or say and be myself In order to get to where I desire to be I must understand the current stage I am in. To reach my goals I must develop effective strategies. To move forward I must acknowledge and address obstacles that hinder my progress and implement methods to overcome them. Unless pointed out most individuals are not aware that they are not using effective critical thinking Most mistakes are learned the hard way and
many failures can be avoided if positive
critical thinking habits were practiced Citizens should use critical thinking when effectively exercising their rights, voting, analyzing the news, and in their daily lives when interacting with one another Questions?
Comments! How is
Critical Thinking
Important To
You? There are Six Stages to Critical Thinking. 1.The Unreflective Thinker
2.The Challenged Thinker
3.The Beginning Thinker
4.The Practicing Thinker
5.The Advanced Thinker
6.The Master Thinker Identify Your Stage of Development in Critical Thinking. We Are
The Beginning Thinker We both notice when we make mistakes in our thinking. We both acknowledge that there are ways we can improve our thinking We both find it difficult to discover and implement
solutions to better our thinking Identify Strategies to
Develop and Improve Your Thinking. Strategy #2 A Problem a Day Strategy #3 Internalize Intellectual Standards Strategy #4 Keep an Intellectual Journal Strategy #5 Reshape Your Character Strategy #7 Redefine the Way You See Things Review Review Identify Perceptual Blocks
that Hinder Thinking. 1.The Mine-is-Better Habit
2.Face Saving
3.Resistance to Change
6.Self-Deception Compare Methods for
Overcoming Perceptual Blocks
that Hinder Thinking. Explain How Thought Processes
are Changed or Manipulated
by Perception Imitating actions or conforming to the ideas of others manipulates the individual perception because these action or ideas may not be accurate. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see - Benjamin Franklin When an individual can make their own decision and make their own mistakes it will help them to have a personal learning experience. Examine how you think and identify how it affects progress Remain Positive Take on challenging complex problems Recognize there is room for improvement and remain humble. Develop and implement new habits to override negative habits Address inconstancies Communicate fairly without bias Six Stages to Critical Thinking Our Stage of Development Strategies to
Develop and Improve Thinking Identify Perceptual Blocks Methods for
Overcoming Perceptual Blocks How Thought Processes are
Changed or Manipulated
by Perception The End HUM/114
Troy Allen
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