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Copy of Biodiesel, Creative Emiratis Prezi

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Mohamed Al Ghailani

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Biodiesel, Creative Emiratis Prezi

The Motive
Future Aims
The Idea
the process of
production by using a
solid catalyst
to generate a reliable, environmentally friendly fuel from
waste cooking oil
. This product must be a
cost effective
alternative to Diesel
Why Biodiesel?
Production of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking oil using Heterogenous Catalysis
Lab Scale Experiments
Small Scale PFD
Thank You...
It is our job as
to find real life
to well established
scientific knowledge
Biodiesel Vs. Petrodiesel
Heterogenous vs. homogenous
Cleaner combustion
0% Sulfur
Less Carbon Monoxide
75% less carbon dioxide
Biodegradable and non-toxic
Better Engine lubricity
Higher NOx emissions
10% less energy content
Better solvent

Lower Free Fatty Acid and water Sensitivity
Titration step is eliminated
Catalyst can be reused
Less waste products
More severe reaction conditions

The Biodiesel Processor
Use waste cooking oil from the canteen.
Test different catalysts experimentally in the lab.
Assess catalysts using criteria such as conversion, cost, HSE, reaction parameters and availability.
Construct a PFD using Microsoft Visio to give a more graphical understanding of the process.
Large Scale HYSYS Simulation
HYSYS simulation for a large scale process after modification to evaluate the cost of the process and to study the effect of certain parameters.

Make Biodiesel more
by designing a
simple reactor
and Results
Lab Scale Experiments
Small Scale PFD
The PFD shows a recycle stream which removes the left over methanol and returns it to the container. This will reduce cost and waste produced
Large Scale HYSYS Simulation
Preliminary evaluation of the catalyst and the cost estimation provided promising results from literature.
We were only able to test the available H-ZSM5 catalyst. Lanthanum Oxide was obtained but not tested.
This process could provide a sustainable business cycle for restaurants where they can recycle their own oil to run delivery trucks.
HYSYS simulation for a large scale process after modification to evaluate the cost of the process and to study the effect of certain parameters.
Emirates Environmental Group waste oil collection campaign
More testing for catalyst activity and regeneration
Test different feedstock (engine oil)
Design processor prototype
Working with authorities to slowly implement biodiesel in everyday life.

Advisor: Dr. Georgios Karanikolos

Co-Advisor: Dr. Mirella El Kadi

Researchers: Mohamed Al Ghailani
Mohamed Elhassan
Fouad Zoghieb
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