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Compare and Contrast: The 1920’s to Today

Dual Diploma United States History

Sara Viviani

on 18 February 2017

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast: The 1920’s to Today

Roles of women in society
Now there is the same number of women and men at universities and colleges. Both have the same rights in education.
Alcohol usage and legality
Immigration to the United States
Even there has been many changes through the years, some aspects of people lives hasn't changed that much. Living in the US of the 1920s was different from living in this country now. From my point of view, the US is one of the most changing countries, they easily adapt their living ways to the new times.
Compare and Contrast: The 1920’s to Today
Sara Viviani Ballesteros.
Colegio Gaudem, Madrid.
Roles of women in society
Today's movies are characterized for having great special effects. Science-fiction movies have a lot of them, and today's computes allow to make perfect images.
Alcohol usage and legality
Nowadays, in the United States, everyone can consume alcohol. This law only restrict the consume of alcohol for people under the age of 21 years old.
In other countries, as Spain, is at the age of 18 years old.
There was a rising number of women who studied at colleges, at who got degrees.
Women then could work as nurses, teachers, librarians, and social workers. But there were only few doctors, lawyers, or architects
Women started to express their freedom. They were known as flappers, and they had short haircuts and dresses. But for half of their society this was still scandalous.

Many criminals got rich by introducing illegal alcohol into the country. Gangsters created huge business with this product.
The Eighteenth Amendment banned the manufacture, sale, transportation and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
In resume, even some part of the population stopped drinking the consumption of alcohol was still high. And the country had become dangerous because of the contraband.
During World War I many African Americans left the South to take jobs in northern factories. This movement, the Great Migration, continued during the 1920s. Sadly, they didn't escape racism.
During this decade racial tensions continued and the Ku Klux Klan took importance. This racist group harassed Catholics, Jews and immigrants, as well as African Americans.
Lots of people from Europe kept arriving to this new growing country, filling up all the cities.
The Jazz was the most important style. It was developed in New Orleans. African American mixed spirituals, European music and African rhythms. When they moved to the North, they expanded the Jazz
Most old people didn't like Jazz, but young Americans loved the music. But over this they loved the dances that went along with it. The most popular dances were the Charleston, the Toddle, and the Shimmy.
One of the most famous Jazz musicians was Louis Armstrong. He was known for his solo numbers of trumpet. His method, which consisted on stepping out from the band to perform a solo, was an innovation.
Movies became the new passion. They had no sound, but a cinema was something new and exciting. People closed theaters to see Westerns, romances, and stories about gangsters. One of the most famous movies was the 1927 movie "The Jazz Singer".
As expected, the movies quickly became big business. By the end of the decade, Americans were buying 95 million movie tickets each week, a huge number considering that the United States population was 123 million. Young people that were fans of movie stars, copied their hair and clothing.
Some of the most popular actos at the time were Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, or Mary Pickford. This last one, was also a smart businesswoman. She was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and a founder of United Artists, who became one of film companies with more success
-1920s: Brainhoney web

-Roles of women in society & Alcohol usage and legality & Movies & Music: My own knowledge.

-Immigration to the United States today: Immigration

Pictures: Google
Current movies are produce by many people. The budget for the movies is really high, so only one person can afford this prizes.
AVATAR, 2009
NARNIA 2, 2008
Even now, that most of the women have paying jobs, a huge percentage of management positions are covered by men. Also women receive less money for their work.
Moreover, now the sell of alcohol is also restricted. Only some establishments have permission for selling alcohol drinks, legally.
In 2013 the United States government changed a law, which afford undocumented people to legalize their situation.
Music is now very commercialized. Recording companies make lot of studies to compose the songs that people is going to like.
But there is a good thing about music nowadays too. Many music festivals and live concerts are celebrated. Also discos are a great place to listen to good music and DJs.
Also, the United States have many different visas available, such as for working, for studying, for tourism, for business, for residence...
Immigration to the United States
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