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Modern Teens vs 1950's Teens

No description

audra hoffmann

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Modern Teens vs 1950's Teens

Modern Teens vs 1950s Teens

By Audra and Jack
Teenagers in the 1950s
Girls Fashion Styles
cat-eye glasses
button down blouses
loosely fitted dresses and skirts
gloves and pearl earrings
fitted tops
Activities and Entertainment
rock concerts
car races
drive in movies
spent time at diners
liked to drive around "cruising"
"The dance rules were different. Dance with girls and hold this hand, but then... you could do whatever you wanted to do! Dance looked like freedom. The only freedom this kid knew."
-John McKeon: American Democratic Party Politician
Teenagers Today
Boys Fashion Styles
short jackets and trousers
white gym shoes
Girls Fashion Styles
designer jeans
short skirts and denim shorts
long hair
clothes with cut-outs
Boys Fashion Styles
designer jeans
sports apparel
athletic name brands
Activities and Entertainment
going out to eat
recreational drug and alcohol use
technology use and social media

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