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Ancient Palestinian Lit.

No description

Eden Rempillo

on 18 June 2016

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Transcript of Ancient Palestinian Lit.

Classical Culture
Palestine (East)
Greece (West)
The Classics of the Ancient World
Mirrors of the Glorious Past
From the Hebrews of ancient Palestine
personal God
moral code inspired by this God
The Bible of the Hebrews
world's widely read book
contains: songs, parables, riddles, exalted poetry, proverbs, history, drama, war, biography, philosophy, short stories
for Christians, the Bible
is the Word of God
From the Greeks
man's tradition of extolling and glorifying life and nature
Ancient Palestinian Literature
Pillars of Faith
Ancient Palestine
eastern shore of Mediterranean Sea
between Egypt and Syria
also known as the Holy Land
site of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah
Great literary achievement:

Hebrew Scriptures/ Sacred Scriptures/ Bible
The Psalms of David
73/150 psalms are attributed to David
biblical king of Israel
slayer of Goliath
father of King Solomon
The Book of Psalms/ Psalter
collection of 150 psalms
sacred songs, religious verses, prayers
personal communication with God
divided into five books
Psalm 1
please read Psalm 1 on page 6
g1- U1 g3- A1 g5- E1
g2- U2 g4- A2 g6- E2
g7- E3
Group 1
Why is a person who follows God's law happy?
Group 2
Is meditation on God's laws the same as following God's commandments? Explain.
Group 3
Why is a law-abiding person compared to a tree planted by streams of water?
Group 4
Why is a wicked person like chaff that wind drives away?
Group 5
Do you agree with the idea expressed in the verse? Support your answer.
Group 6
What makes the psalm an inspirational prayer? What is its effect to you?
Group 7
Has the notion of what is good and righteous changed over time? Cite evidences to support your answer.
Size 2:
What makes biblical writings valuable pieces of literature?

How does goodness or evil define a person's life?
sacred songs or hymns that express praise, thanksgiving, penitence, or supplication
poetic and make use of many literary devices
many parts of the Bible use imagery
Poetic Devices
g1- Repetition
g2- Parallel Verses
g3- Simile
g4- Metaphor
g5- Personification
g6- Hyperbole
g7- Alliteration
3 examples
Answer Exercises
on pp. 9-11
What is FAITH?
What are the things that you believe in or practice according to your faith?
to familiarize Palestinian Literature
to read Psalm 1
to share ideas about the text
to identify poetic devices
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