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How Effective is the Combination of Your Main Product and An

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Carmen Tyrrell

on 17 April 2017

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Transcript of How Effective is the Combination of Your Main Product and An

Digipak / Album
What I Made:
The music video was inspired by Lorde's previous video and her overall aesthetic. I also drew inspiration from some of the lyrics used - 'I live in a hologram with you' and 'everything is hyper real'.

The video is about two best friends who are living in the 'hyper real', away from reality. In today's society they would be considered 'alternative'. During the video, the female protagonist leaves the 'hyper real' in favour of the real world, she conforms to stereotypes. She is featured in the music video using black and white visuals, while those in the 'hyper real' are seen with a prism effect over them.

Music Video
Music Video for the song '
Buzzcut Season
' by Lorde.

Digipak / Album for '
Buzzcut Season

Magazine Advert for '
Buzzcut Season
' and Lorde.
The combination of all three is extremely effective because the same themes and aesthetic are present throughout all of them. You can clearly see that the products are combined because of the following points:

The continuation of the 'hyper real' prism theme and the black and white effect mean that an audience can tell that all three products are connected.

As I took inspiration from some of Lorde's lyrics, the 'hyper real' prism effects gives an audience a visual and sound combination.

I use the same font across all products as well, creating another path for audiences to use that combines each product.

By showing the characters used in the video in the digipak and magazine advert, an audience can visually see the connection between them.

How Effective is their Combination?
How Effective is the Combination of Your Main Product and Ancillary Task?
Magazine Advert
For the digipak / album artwork, I took the 'hyper real' prism effect from the music video and also the blue background from some of the lip sync scenes. I also used screenshots from the music video. All charcaters from the music video are featured on tthe digipak.

I also used Lordes name and logo in the same font from the music video (Futura Medium).
On the magazine advert, I used a screenshot from the music video. I also took the 'hyper real' prism effect across to connect it to the music video and the digipak. To keep in line with the music video and digipak, I kept to a black and white theme as well, although not as harsh as the one in the music video.
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