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Egyptian God: Hapi, God of the Nile

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Meghana Iragavarapu

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Egyptian God: Hapi, God of the Nile

Egyptian God: Hapi, God of the Nile
Physical Attributes
- Although represented as male, Hapi had female breasts and a large belly to represent the fertility of the Nile.

- Given a blue or green skin color to represent the water

- Hapi would be decorated with papyrus plants and surrounded by frogs in Lower Egypt

In Upper Egypt, he would be adorned with lotuses and attended by crocodiles
Background of Hapi
God of the annual flooding of the Nile River

- The annual flooding of the Nile was referred to as the
Arrival of Hapi
- Hapi was thought to live in a cavern near Aswan at the source of the Nile.
- The annual flood brought fertile soil to the banks of the Nile allowing Egyptians to grow crops
Hapi was also referred to as:
Lord of the Fishes and Birds of the Marshes
Lord of the River Bringing Vegetation
= As

Hapi was a symbol of fertility, he was often referred to as the "father of the gods"
= He was considered a caring father who balanced the cosmos and kept the world in a harmonious equilibrium.
- The believers of Hapi were concentrated at the First Cataract named Elephantine.
Rituals of Hapi
- Hapi had priests who conducted rituals to predict and ensure the steady levels of water from the annual flood
- A measuring device called a nilometer was used by the priests to monitor the level of the flood.
My Hymn to Hapi

You are the guiding light of the Nile
With your consent the river flows
We owe our lives to you, oh Lord!
On your fertility, our survival is based
Oh father of the Gods, how we grace
Upon your majestic doings
Oh Lord equal to Aten!

Personal Life:
- Hapi's wife in South Egypt was Nekhebet
~ Was a goddess of the south and portrayed as a vulture
- Hapt's wife of North Egypt was Buto
~ depicted as Cobra and the equivalent of Nekhebet
Hieroglyphic Name:
Translation of Hieroglyphics for Hapi:
A wick representing the letter H, the arm for a small letter 'a', reed stool, duality sign, and a water sign
Picture Sources:








Associations with Other Gods:
- Hapi was associated with Osiris because of his relation to the Nile and fertility
- Isis was occasionally considered to be his female counterpart
- Often associated with Nun (the personification of the primeaval waters of chaos in the Ogdoad theology from Heliopolis)
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