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Copy of The Maze Runner Plot Diagram

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Sarah Du

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Maze Runner Plot Diagram

The Maze Runner
By James Dashner
Plot Diagram
By Billy Librizzi
Exposition: Thomas wakes up in a strange dark elevator that is pulling him up to the surface. He finds himself in a strange place surrounded by boys, all teenagers. Thomas has no memory of his life except for his name. The leader of the group, Alby, shares little information when Thomas asks why he can't remember anything and where he is. This is very frustrating to Thomas. A kid named Chuck befriends Thomas and shares some information with him. They live in a place called the Glade.
Chuck starts to tell Thomas information about the Glade. He says once a month, another boy is pulled up to the Glade in the Box (elevator). Every boy is assigned a job and has certain tasks to perform so they survive.
He accidently slips out how the Glade is surrounded by a giagantic maze. There are doors that open in the day allowing people to enter the maze and the doors close at night, sealing the boys in the safety of the glade. Thomas is shocked and scared by this. He wonders why he lives in a giant maze.
Chuck tells Thomas their only hope of escaping the maze is by sending runners into the maze to map it out. By doing this, they hope they'll find an exit. Chuck also says that the walls in the maze move every night. So everyday behind the doors there is a different maze outside.
Inside the maze roam horrible monsters called Grievers, who attack by pricking their victims with sharp metalic arms. If someone is pricked they undergo a proccess. The proccess is called "The Changing" which is a painful experience that someone can survive if they are given a serum in time.
Rising Action:
A day after Thomas arrives, a girl named Terea is found in the box.
Rising Action:
Everyone is surprised because only boys live in the glade and the box only delivers new people to the Glade once a month.
Rising Action:
When Teresa arrives she says she is the last one to ever come to the Glade and that the end is coming. Then she falls into a deep coma.
Rising Action:
The majority of Gladers blame the abnormal events on Thomas, saying its his fault.
Climax: When Teresa comes out of her coma, Thomas realizes they can talk telepathically to each other. Teresa explains how a group named WICKED (whos name is posted on the walls of the maze) is good and that the Creators can see what is going on ( the Creators are the group WICKED). Teresa and Thomas realize the maze has to be solved.
Falling Action:
The Gladers believe WICKED is testing them after strange events start occuring. The Gladers think WICKED has some sort of job planned for them and to find the best people for the job, WICKED needs to test them. They are tested by these events:
Falling Action: The Creators block out the sun so that the Glade is enveloped into an eerie twilight 24 hours a day.
Falling Action:
By blocking the sun, the lack of sunlight kills all of the crops the Gladers plant and tend to daily, eliminating their means to grow food.
Falling Action:
The Creators end the weekly deliveries of supplies to the Glade.
Falling Action:
Eventually the Creators leave the doors that block the entrance to the Maze open 24 hours a day. This allows the Grievers to enter the Maze at night and and take the Gladers to their deaths.
Resolution: Thomas and Teresa understand how to escape the maze. They gather all of the maps of the maze and stack them over each other depending on day and section. When held to the light, the mounds of paper spell out six words. The words are the password. The maze is unsolveable and the only way to escape it is to enter the password into a computer. They can acsess the computer by jumping into an invisible hole off to the side of a cliff in the maze. Thomas takes a small army of Gladers, including Teresa, to battle the Grievers that stand in their way. Thomas enters the password and 21 Gladers escape. They meet the Creators but are taken to a secure location to cure a disease that has consumed the entire Earth.
Charactor vs. Society
It's charactor vs. society because the gladers are against a group of scientists (the creators) who wipe their memories and throw them into the Glade one by one clueless.
The Glade
Griever Hole
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