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I heart Prezi

Some Ideas for Prezi.


on 22 August 2011

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Transcript of I heart Prezi

limited space
dynamic add state inactive Frame States Best of Both Worlds Frame = Group of Items Frame Label Now you know! What is this? Frame Label Largest Text Item outside item active tabs Prezi PowerPoint surface
infinite space
static stacked pan & zoom spread out transition tabs outside item inactive active inactive Many Uses Drag & Drop 2. Frames can be nested within frames. 3. Items can be added to frames either by:
a. creating a new item within its margins
b. dragging an item into a frame + shift key 1. Frames are invisible margins that surround:
a. groups of items
b. images and shapes 4. Items can be dragged outside of a frame
while holding down the shift key. Frame Notes Path Types zooms in on item active tab switches state without zoom inactive tab Paths in Action Master States Edit Master:
1. Changes all states
2. Except individual changes
in each state Masters affect all succesive states until another master is encountered Edit State:
1. Can change all inherited items
2. Changes do not affect other states Combines Master and Template features single click 1. Prezi Structure
The principle behind "frame labels" could be used to
build a heirarchical tree structure of nested frames

2. Library
Stencils, Graphics, Templates, Projects
Search, Gallery, Community, Custom Navigation Panel Copy items in other programs (e.g. PowerPoint) and paste them into Prezi Copy & Paste Nice to Haves Mindmapping - check out LucidCharts
Improve Explore Panel - Prezi Website I need Prezi for:
1. taking notes
2. designing
3. presentations Simple & Beautiful But I need more functionality Here are a few suggestions Revised Wheel Collapsible by Stuart Taylor http://trenzeta.com
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