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Fine Dining Etiquette & Power Dressing

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Arvin Jagonia

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of Fine Dining Etiquette & Power Dressing

Fine Dining Etiquette & Power Dressing
Proper Table Manners and Fine Dining Etiquettes
Definition of Terms
History of Dining Etiquettes
Manner – a way in which a thing is done or happen.
Etiquettes – rules for socially acceptable behavior.
Fine Dining – a style of eating where food is served to people in a formal way.
*Etiquette as a small sign, label or ticket
*Adapted from the French
*Etiquette isn’t new!
*Ancient Greece and Rome has their own..
Importance of Dining Etiquettes
*One way to impress
*It can be critical to career and job search success
*The act of eating together has a pleasant social significance
Elements of Fine Dining Etiquettes
*Seating – seating arrangement is pre-decided
*Napkins – the best aid!
*Wine & Glasses – each has its own use
*Conversation – ways to avoid awkwardness
Elements of Fine Dining Etiquettes
*Breads – complementary part of the meal
*Knives and Forks – the most confusing yet most important part of the meal
*Difficult Foods & Desserts – manners of eating..
Dining Etiquette
*This includes how to conduct one’s self during a meal, as well as knowledge about the table setting.
*Dining skills should be learned because it can positively or negatively affect one’s reputation.
*Formal dinners usually require a four or five-course meal that is complimented with wines.
Etiquette for Hosts
Etiquette for Guests
*The main responsibility as a host is to make the guests comfortable.
*Keep in mind the food restrictions of your guests (e.g. allergies, consider the religion).
*"Also, the person who invites is the person who pays.“
*DO let your guest order first.
*Learn the table (place) setting and know the different silverware and glassware used in dining.
*In a fine dining event, the technique is to start with the outermost silverware and work your way in for each course.
*In a place setting, all the forks are placed on the left side while all knives are placed on the right.

Formal Dinner Place Setting
Top Dining Do’s and Don’ts
DO always dress nicely.
DON'T put your cell phone, keys, or purse on the table.
DO let your guest order first.
DON'T talk when your mouth is full.
DO know where to place your napkin
DON'T reach across the table to sample your companion's food.
DO remember your table manners.
Power Dressing
refers to a style of clothing and hair intended to make wearers seem authoritative and competent, especially in professional settings in business, law, and government.
Power Dressing
means stylish and expensive clothing style, intended to convey the impression of assertiveness and competence and predominantly worn by women.
Reasons why people wear Fashion
*To be fashionable
*To be attractive.
*To impress others.
*To be accepted by friends, peer groups, or Colleagues.
*To fill an emotional needs.
Guidelines For Business Attire
Workday Wardrobe
-Pants or skirt with a matching jacket.
-The most appropriate suit colors are black, navy and charcoal.
Men: Long sleeve shirts are more professional than short sleeve.
Women: Tops can be button ups, turtle necks, shells, or fashion blouses.
-must be clean and polished.

-Women: Heels should be no higher than two inches.
*Socks/ Hosiery
Flesh-toned hosiery or hosiery that is compatible with your attire is ideal; stockings or tights in fishnet or wild designs are not appropriate in most office settings.

Men: should match the color of your shoes and slacks.
-should be kept to a minimum.

-handbags should match your outfit, as well as scarves and/or belts.
-Keep hair out of your face and brushed.

-Nails should be painted a natural color
keep nails, and teeth well maintained.

-Makeup should look natural, and clean.
Rules On Dressing
*Body Modifications
-Tattoos should be covered
-Piercings; the only piercings allowed are one hole on each ear.
Types Of Dress
Thank You for Listening!
The End
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