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Sadie 'The Goat' Farrell

No description

Jeree Smith

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Sadie 'The Goat' Farrell

Women in Piracy
While piracy was predominately a male occupation, a minority of pirates have been women called 'pirettes'. Most of these women were widows or relatives of pirates, who took up the business.
Sadie Farrell: Early Life
History of Piracy
Pirates are sea robbers who prey on other ships and rob them for their goods and sometimes capture the ship itself. It has existed for as long the oceans were plied for commerce.
The Legend...
Legend has it...that Sadie Farrell had an archenemy on the island of Manhattan by the name of Gallus Mag. Gallus Mag was a female bouncer and is rumored to have BIT OFF and pickled one of Sadie's ears after a physical altercation. Years later they made admends and Gallas returned her pickled ear back to Sadie.
Sadie Farrell: Years as Pirate
While living on the West Side of Manhattan, she began a life as a pirate after witnessing a group of men from The Charleston Street Gang, unsuccessful attempt in trying take over and board a ship. After witnessing the failed mission, she confronted the men and offered her services. She convinced them to make her their leader and within days she concocted a plan to take over the small ship, in which she did.
After this event, she had been robbing merchants ships from NYC to Maine until she retired from a life of crime and returned back to the Fourth Ward.
Sadie 'The Goat' Farrell : The Hudson River Pirate
Sadie was a pirate of the late 1860s. She lived in one of the poorest sections of New York City, 'Bloody Fourth Ward'. As a young girl, she became a street mugger and earned the nickname 'The Goat' because she would run and headbutt her victims and steal whatever belongings they had while they were unconscious.
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