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connect Overview

No description

Iain Nickalls

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of connect Overview

Do your service staff use
multiple systems
to complete their day jobs?
The core
Dealer Management System
to control the days jobs
A separate
electronic vehicle health check
(eVHC) system to manage red and amber work concerns
A supporting
solution from another supplier
A different platform to try and retain the customer by selling them a
service plan
A suppliers website for pricing
A 3rd party system to allow the customer to pay for any red work concerns through
proactive follow up system
to ensure the customer receives their service and amber work reminders
All of these disparate systems with

repositories of data
not only lead to
customer blind spots
but also mean
disparate management reporting
which can be
Error prone
Time consuming
And ultimately,
very costly
multiple systems
, with
multiple logins
Reduces efficiencies
Affects profitability
and can affect staff engagement and morale
which leads to
Poor systems use
Wouldn't it be great if your staff had
1 login
, for
1 system
Leads to software support issues
Covers all of these core Aftersales functions outside of your DMS?
Removes the issues of engagement, efficiencies and support?
Provides centralised management reporting?
allows your customers to connect with you?
Its time to get connected
and higher staff turnover
connect harnesses the power of the cloud and mobile to provide a
Connected Aftersales Solution
encompassing and embedded within the
Service Core Process
with the aim of
increasing customer retention
Having a connected solution
Staff engagement and morale
System use
one sign-on
for all of the
Aftersales core functions
Having a connected solution
Staff turnover
Allows for
centralised management reporting
with data rich, scheduled push reports
with performance summaries for each module available through our connect app
Customer blind spots
Slows down fulfillment of customers expectations
The cloud has made the connected Dealer possible - eDynamix Connect makes it a reality
Data from various DMS systems and other data providers can all be connected into 1 portal
3rd Parties
Your customers
Not only do your
, your
, your
and your
3rd party applications
become connected, but your
can connect to you too
By 2017 there will be
5 billion smartphones
in the world
50 billion connected products
This is the
internet of customers
Online bookings
Online service plan quote
iVHC online authorisation
Video1st online media and interactive comments
Customers can keep all details, mileage and service schedules up to date through our auto:m8 app, alerting you immediately to any changes
Offers multiple online channels to keep your customers connected to you and which are all available through the web and any smart device
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