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Airbus & JLP

A Strategic Analysis of Two Industry Giants

Janet Lam

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Airbus & JLP

Outline VRIN Stakeholder Mapping Recommendations Group 17:
Kaleng Tin Ching Lam
Tom Owen Sergrey Minkin
Rishabh Jain Olakusibe Famuyibo Strategy Clock Annotated from: D. Faulkner and C. Bowman, The Essence of Competitive strategy, Prentice Hall, 1995, cited in Johnson, et al., 2011. Thursday, 7th March 2013 Airbus Any Questions? Thank you for listening! Evaluation of Strategy Sensitivity Analysis 1. Introduction
2. Strategy Analysis
3. Evaluation of Strategy
3.1 Suitability
3.2 Acceptability
3.3 Feasibility
4. Recommendations
5. Conclusion 1. Suitability Strategy Analysis 2. Acceptability 3. Feasibility Stakeholder Map for Airbus Stakeholder Map for JLP PESTEL Airbus John Lewis Partnership Airbus Blue Ocean Strategy Annotated from: W.C Kim and R. Maubergne, Blue Ocean Strategy, 2005, cited in Johnson G, Scholes, K and Whittington, R., 2011. Exploring Strategy. 9th ed. London: Financial Times Press Conclusion Introduction A Strategic Analysis of Two Industry Giants Airbus & John Lewis Partnership John Lewis Partnership Financial Analysis John Lewis Partnership Airbus - High investment in R&D

- Emerging market

- Strong competences and resources

- Sharing technological and leadership abilities - Follows a hybrid strategy

- Well-marketed differentiation

- Demand for luxury good increasing in developing countries

- Focus on international expansion Airbus John Lewis Partnership Bibliography JLP TOWS Matrix Anotation from: A. Mendelow, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information Systems, Cambridge, MA, 1986 cited in Johnson G, Scholes, K. and Whittington, R., 2011. Exploring Strategy. 9th ed. London: Financial Times Press.
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