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Ancient Rome

rome prezi project.

manny cropper

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Geography Rome was like alot of the other civilitions.
-It was builded upon a river.
-It was builded along the banks of the Tiber River.
- The Tiber River protected Rome from the south side. The Alps Mountains were really tall
mountains that protected Rome from
the northwest side of Rome. Ancient Rome was one of the
biggest civilization ever The origins of ROME! Romulus was the founder of Ancient rome. Romulus and Remus were both brothers.
-they were thrown into the Tiber river in
a basket by a jealous uncle they had.
-the bakest dumped them on a land that
was just plain.
then they were founded by a mother of a
wolf pack.
-then they were raised by a wolf pack.
-once they were older they went to a plain
- they both built a city.
- then they started to argue and got into a
huge fight.
- After a while romulus and remus were
fighting romulus kills his brother remus. romulus decided to put rome on the banks of the Tiber river
Plebians get more power Republic- represanatives
votefor the citizens. plebians- poor people
from Rome. Patricians- rich powerful
people from Rome. tribune- top officails
in Roman government. Twelve tables- the
twelve tables are
the written laws
in roman republic. Table I- procedure: the courts and trial. Table II- The trails
are continued. table III- Debt or
money owed. Table IV- Rights
of the fathers
over their family. Table V- legal gaurdian-
ship and inheritance laws. Table VI-- acquisition
and possesion. Table VII- Lands Rights. Table VIII- Torts and
delicts (Laws of injury)
Table IX- Public law Table X- Sacred law Table XI- Supplement I Table XII- Supplement II The Roman Republic Tripartite-
3 parts Senate- group of strong
powerful people and they
waere very rich to. magistrates- were
like consuls checks and balances-
doesnt let anyone from
the governmant get more
power than other poeple on
the government so it would be fair. the senate was like
an oligarchy Growth of the republic Hannibal- The begginer
of the Punic War The punic war-
began in the year
204 B.C.E.
Began by Rome
sending troops to
The second punic war The third punic war Scipio- A warroir
who defeated Hannibal
Professional military-Troops that are in the millitary for a living.
Tatic- a method used
to achieve a goal.
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