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X11 in a Modern Web Browser - Why?!

A couple of good/fun reasons, but mostly for learning

Greg Miell

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of X11 in a Modern Web Browser - Why?!

X11 in a
Modern Web Browser Why?! - http://goo.gl/xEbpa
Greg Miell / @GothAck What is X11?
OMGQuestionTime Stuff what I may talk about... Display server: Manages hardware
Common API: for drawing, keyboard, mouse, other events
Extendable: XKeyb, Xvideo, XRandR, GLX...
Remote protocol: Tunnel via TCP, SSH What is X11 X announced 19 June 1984
Version 11 @ 15 September 1987
We're still on version 11...
Still has a lot of support for (DEC) Terminals Micro History - Version Eleven Very good documentation
Binary protocol, cross platform, bit/byte order
Requests, Responses, Events & Errors
1 - CreateWindow (120 core opcodes)
Inter window/process communication
Wireshark is my friend (it also gets confused)
Easily maps to browser ArrayBuffer / BufferView Protocol Seriously though, WHY?! Curiosity / lack of sane reasoning
Wayland / <insert other ds here> coming
Hmm, browser remote desktop without plugins...
Modern browsers are awesome Bitmap fonts!
In the browser? Works, but slow...
Vectorising fonts!
Node.js / FontForge
SVG / TTF / WOFF / <anyotherformathere>
YAYFONTS! Started protocol,
distracted by Fonts Vectorising... Vectorising... Vectorising... Node.js
OO JavaScript - prototypal inheritance
Workers Extensions GLX - WebGL?
XRandR - Resizing the browser
Keyboard & Mouse
PulseAudio stream Architecture
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