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Ricoh Eco House

For use at EcoPrint, Berlin

roger christiansen

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Ricoh Eco House

Print Service Provider Management Office Production Office Press Room Enterprise Sow the seeds for Sustainable Growth Reception Print area Meeting Room HR Dept IT Dept Board Room Finance Digital or Offset Calculator - Enhance the sustainability of your print services through the use of this invaluable business tool. ProGraphic Paper - Ricoh’s range of recycled media guarantees excellent runability on all Ricoh Pro cut sheet presses. TotalFlow Solutions @Remote Sustainability Governance Report @Remote Sustainability Governance Report Ricoh Unified Communication System "To Do Cards" and other materials to influence user behaviour Become a certified carbon balanced printer with Ricoh and offer carbon neutral printing services to your clients. Customised business development and consultancy services to help grow your business and improve operational efficiency. TotalFlow Workflow Optimisation - drive efficiency, reduce costs, energy usage and processes from job receipt to delivery. As part of the Carbon Balanced Printing Programme, Ricoh has developed a carbon calculator to determine the CO2 emissions of individual print jobs. Eco Printing Technology -
Ricoh continues to develop sustainable technology with a view to protecting our environment in the future. Digital Faxing - for many companies, faxing is an important avenue for communication and distribution of documents, both internally and externally. Ricoh’s “Carbon Balanced MFPs” support your business, by reducing electricity and paper consumption to the minimum required levels and thereby minimising the associated CO2 emissions. Ricoh Managed Document Services is a customer and document centric service, offering continuous cost savings and process optimisation. When it comes to reducing paper, electricity and related CO2 emissions, Ricoh’s Sustainability Optimisation Programme has set a new benchmark for responsible use of resources. Sustainable paper - Lifecycle analysis (LCA) of output devices shows that around 80% of the environmental impact is generated during the in-use phase. Most of this impact comes from paper use. Eco-night sensor Print&Share Eco is a new innovation that helps you to reduce paper and avoid paper waste in just one click, reducing both your TCO and CO2 emissions. Energy Efficient devices @Remote Sustainability Governance Report Ricoh offers a balanced mix of software, services, hardware and change management, based on validated research. Eco Mode helps to cut your carbon footprint at work and reduce energy costs in three energy saving settings. When added to your print fleet, Greenline devices mark you out as a serious eco-responsible company – investing in resource recirculation and sustainability driven efficiency.
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