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Year 2: Applying our Technology Standards

No description

Troy Sosnovik

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Year 2: Applying our Technology Standards

Methacton Educational Technology Standards (METS)

About Us and the Presentation
METS Development
Our Thoughts and Experiences Of The Pilot Thus Far
Technology Integrators
Brooke Mulartrick - K through 4th Grades
Layla Lyons - 5th and 6th Grades

Director of Technology and Information Systems
Troy Sosnovik

Teachers in Spirit
Amie Kenworthy - 3rd Grade Teacher
Colleen Clayton - 5th Grade Learning Support
Wendy McKenzie - 7th & 8th Grade Librarian
- A.K.A Source-oress
Presentation: http://tinyurl.com/MSDConnECT
Who We Are
Lesson Creation
Student Creation
Ripple Effect
Students and Teachers
The Way We Think About Learning
Constant Evolution
: Our Middle School Approach
Why the Middle School?
Can We Use Libraries
Form before Function
Space Transformation
What You Can Expect
Where To Now? Next Steps
Thank You! Questions?
Troy Sosnovik - tsosnovik@methacton.org
Layla Lyons - llyons@methacton.org
Brooke Mulartrick - bmulartrick@methacton.org

METS Website: http://www.methacton.org/mets
Presentation: http://tinyurl.com/MSDConnECT

An overview of our process and approach
Candid discussion of our journey
Multiple perspectives
Our developed standards
Development of
Methacton Educational Technology Standards (METS)
Into the Curriculum
Jan 2012 - Dec 2012

Identified a need for a framework to address the separation of curriculum and technology

Technology Scope and Sequence used as a baseline

METS Committee was formed

Developed METS based off of ISTE NETS (K-8)

Goal = Write METS into curriculum

Jan 2013 - July 2013

Presented to district administrators

METS Committee to determine curriculum writing

Presented Curriculum Council

Created METS Video for common understanding

Design of METS Pilots
April 2013 - July 2013

Disconnect of purchasing technology without a purpose

Launched METS Pilots to fulfill the need

Library Redesign-Grades 7-8

METS ConnECT-Grades K-6

Teacher Expectations
Adapted from CAIU pilot
17 elementary teachers (K-6)
2 per grade level + learning support
5 K-4 buildings, 1 upper elementary school
iPad2 and iPad Minis
1 device per teacher; 6 devices per classroom
Pilot Design
Driving Factors
Infuse the METS into the curriculum to promote creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking through the use of mobile devices
Utilize mobile devices to differentiate small group instruction, particularly in reading, writing, and math to grow individual student achievement
Empower students to apply critical thinking skills and strategically choose tools to support their own learning style
Essential Questions
What is the ideal number of mobile devices for a classroom which promotes student creation, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking?
What is the future role of desktop computers in our elementary classrooms? Can students meet the same learning objectives on a mobile device?
Do students have a preference for mobile devices vs. desktops?
Does device size play a role in the learning process (i.e. iPad vs. iPad mini)?
What is the future of SMARTBoards in our elementary classrooms? Can teachers and students accomplish the same objectives using mobile devices vs. SMARTBoards?
Principal Expectations
Provide overall support and flexibility for the teachers in this Pilot
Make arrangements for peer observations

Be open to innovative teaching and learning methods!
Participate in summer trainings (using flex days)
Participate in quarterly trainings
Participate in a PLC of Pilot Teachers
Manage devices
Share/support colleagues

Why We're Here
Last year was a concept...now a reality
Share our learning experiences implementing that reality
We don't want to walk the path alone
Technology Integrator Expectations
Assess needs and facilitate trainings
Support Pilot teachers with lessons, iPad management, etc.
Post updates on public blog
Develop resources to keep parents and community members informed
Assist with budgetary items
Contribute to discussions in the PLC (Edmodo group)
Develop survey questions and analyze data
Core Apps - PicCollage, Book Creator, iMovie

Sharing with Parents via Edmodo, Kidblog
Level playing field

Sharing creations with
family and peers

Creating a richer, more empowering educational experience for the students
Students becoming teachers and leaders
Fitting technology in vs. incorporating technology

Seamless integration

Classroom environment
Teacher centered vs. Student centered

Flexible and Open-minded

Most students now choose group work over independent work

Professional Learning Network among teachers via Edmodo and in-service
Arcola Library
next year: METS ConnECT 2.0

This years teachers mentor next years applicants

Replacement of Elem. desktops
Complete project/quiet room

Expansion into other buildings

Discussions with the High School and
Upper Elementary (Skyview) level
Continue to evaluate and push skill sets into lower grades

Continuation of curriculum writing

Review METS - Living document

Working with new Curriculum Director: Mary Katona
Arcola is the center of the district

Natural transition from elementary to the
high school

Library is center of school
space for expansion and remodeling
minimal moving; maximum impact
librarian with tech background
David Jakes: outside space designer

SKYPE conference with David Jakes (@djakes)

Reviewed models of local school libraries

Focused on space and not isolated classrooms

Building budget
Technology budget
My ideal space

Tech is started in elementary levels

Mastery is extended through grades 7 and 8

Harry and Troy's Room of Requirement
classroom, quiet, casual and collaborative space

more students; more access; more time

scheduling to allow facilitation and instruction

a library room into a Source that is accessible from school and from home completed in two fiscal years

Exponential growth
Tech used 6 of 8 periods a day every day
Tech is stable and word of mouth contagious
Sample use
Podcasting, SKYPE, Dropbox, Edmodo, Google
Drive, Avatars, Videos, Blogging, Book Creator,
Wikispace, Puppet Pals, Google Sites, Wallwisher, Padlet, and Animoto...that was just last week.
Tomorrow at the Source...
Charging stations
Sound proof room for video production and editing
From paper and pencil to technology
Introducing new apps to students
Lesson objective - student choice
Helping other teachers try technology
Write About This
Student space
The To Do List
23,000 books
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