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collin fox

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Alabama

Alabama By Chris Billy And Collin Alabama's Presidential Support In 1980 Alabama decided to vote for Ronald Regan
In 1984 Alabama decided to vote for Ronald Regan for reelection
In 1988 Alabama decided to vote for George Bush
In 1992 Alabama decided to vote for George H.W Bush
In 1996 Alabama decided to vote for Bob Dole
In 2000 Alabama decided to vote for George Bush
In 2004 Alabama decided to vote for Bush
In 2008 Alabama decided to vote for John McCain About Alabama's House of Representatives,their Senators, Electoral votes,and there Governor. The two senators for Alabama is Sessions, Jeff was Republican and Richard, Shelby was also Republican.
There are 105 members in house of representatives for Alabama.
Alabama's Governor is Robert Bentley and he was also Republican.
So Alabama is a Republican state. (there senators and Governor are Republican)
Alabama has 9 electoral votes Agriculture Chicken and Cattle, a lot of cotton, grapes, blueberries, and strawberries.
Their vegetables include corn, potatoes Two election issues for Alabama Two issues for Alabama are
Immigration to Alabama is not supporting health care and they’re illegally Immigrating.
Alabama mostly votes for republicans because they are a Republican state there Senators are Republican and there Governor is also a Republican. Who is going to win We think the majority of Alabama is going to vote for Romney because he a republican and the state is mostly republican. Political issue A major political issue is the immigration. Why immigration is so bad is because they are a south state so people try to cross the boarder illegally. Sources We used ask.com for almost all of the questions so that is really are only source And that is are report on Alabama. We hope you enjoyed it! By: Billy Chris And Collin hi Chris says bye Chris Says Bye Billy Says Bye Collin Says Bye The End
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