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The Visual Life of Campaigns

No description

Naomi Bacon

on 11 March 2017

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Transcript of The Visual Life of Campaigns

The Visual Life of Campaigns
The Power of Pop-ups & Immersive Events

Discovery (via social, site, PR, marketing, advertorials etc.)

Happy first-time UX

Customer returns multiple times

They spread the word - diffusion

New visitors convert into active, paying users





Fans of Jessie Burton
Fans of poetry
Naomi Bacon
"It was so refreshing to see a crowd of genuinely new faces for a literary fiction event, which tends to attract the same type of crowd again and again. By reconstructing the traditional book reading along thematic lines, The Muse event revitalised the format and attracted a wholly new audience."

~ Miriam Robinson
"It was such an amazing evening! I haven't been exposed to a lot of poetry before so it was really lovely, they all honestly blew me away. I'm definitely going to get my hands on a copy of Hollie’s book - she was incredible! I've never been excited by poetry before, so I was really grateful to be there."

~ Pip of YouTube channel, PippityBop
Don’t just appeal to the bookish crowd. Who else could you reach?

Think thematically; creates an opportunity for authorless events and for combined messaging

Dedicate more attention to paperback releases

Low price point on tickets

Budgets do not have to be big; harness partnerships

Create an event you would want to go to!

Key Takeaways
"By having an evening of mixed performances, we were able to appeal to a wider audience who regularly attend msic, spoken word and comedy nights but rarely go to book launches, but all the while putting the book and author at the heart of the event."
~ Crystal Mahey-Morgan
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