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Prezi abt Hungary

Katalin Nagypal

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Hungary

country presentation

This is the flag of Hungary.
This is where Hungary is located. It is in Europe.
Our language is Hungarian.
This is our alphabet.
Here are some Hungarian words.
Nice products from Hungary
Hand made Porcelain
of Herend and Zsolnay
Land of thermal baths
there are 150 hot water baths in Hungary in all
Hévíz lake - the world's largest thermal lake
Széchenyi bath
in Budapest

Gellért bath
in Budapest

we do not have a sea, so we call our biggest lake - Balaton - a sea :)
Hungarian Sea
Hungarian food is yummy
Cipós leves
Hungarian innovations
Rubik's cube by Mr. Ernő Rubik
"...questions are more valuable than answers."
"... always ask questions and never ever stop thinking."
Think Hungary
- more than expected -

the beauty of thinking
The capital of Hungary is
This is my home city.
There are two parts of Budapest.
Buda and Pest.
The river Danube is in between.
In Buda, there are hills,
Pest is plain.
There are 13 bridges over the Danube in Budapest.
The most famous bridge is the Chain Bridge, that is called "Lánchíd" in Hungarian.
It was bombed in the War, but then it was build again.
Nice places in Budapest
in Buda side:
Gellért Hill
Nice view to Pest side
1. What are the colors of the Hungarian flag?

2. How many thermal baths do we have in Hungary?
3. Do we have a sea in Hungary?
No, but we have lake Balaton
4. What are the ingredients of the famous hungarian dessert SOMLÓI GALUSKA ?
- Sponge cake
- Chocolate sauce
- Raisns
5. What are these things?
Rubik's cube
Litracon - the transparent concrete
Buda Castle
Nice places in Pest side
Parliament house
it was build from white limestones, which is very sensitive so the building needs to be repaired all the time.
- Largest building in Budapest
- Oldest parliament building in Europe
Short History
- in the year of 896: The Hungarian conquest
- 7 leaders of 7 tribes came across the Carphatian mountains and took the land for Hungary
- in the year of 1000: The Hungarian State was started by king Stephan the 1st.
- The early history of Hungary is presented on the Hero's Square in Budapest.

- There are statues of our 7 leaders and our kings. Stephen the 1st and his grandsons and other kings.
- Hungary survived two World Wars
- Hungary is more, than 1000 years old state.
some More about Budapest
We have nice parks with many activities and festivals
- we celebrate the born of our state every year on August the 20th.
We celebrate with fireworks.
City park
Park Castle
Ice skating
festivals in the summer
Music fountain in the Margaret Island
Nice Churches in Budapest
Many museums in Budapest
Art museums and galleries
Museum of agriculture
Beautiful Theatres
there is a labirynth under the castle
Opera House
Budapest Timelapse
Somlói galuska
1. How is Budapest divided and what are the names of the two sides of the City?
It is divided by the river Danube and the names of the two sides of the city are Buda and Pest
2. What is this?
The Chainbridge
4. The State of Hungary was born in year 1000 by our first king Stephan the 1st. How do we celebrate this in every year?
With Fireworks
5. What kind of statues do we have on the Hero's square in Budapest?
Statues of kings and leaders from the early history of Hungary
I hope you liked my presentation!
Just like
We are - from BUDAPEST!

What have we learned about Hungary so far?
3. What is this?
The Parliament
St. Stephan's Cathedral
Mathias Church in Buda Castle
Comedy theatre
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