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Chess Boxing

No description

Jake Lowrey

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing

History of the Sport
Chess boxing is so popular, that multiple people have claimed to have created the sport.
How Do I win?
Chess Boxing combines both mental and physical skill
In order to succeed you have to be good at both Chess and Boxing
How to Become a Pro
Now let's say our presentation inspired you to devote your life to Chessboxing. Great! Now where do you start?
Some Pro Chess Boxers
Here's some inspiration to help you achieve your goals.
The Basic Rules
Just a summary of the rules of chess boxing
a more detailed list of rules can be found at worldchessboxing.com
The main idea of chess boxing is to beat your opponent both mentally and physically
Where is Chess Boxing Played?
Anywhere with a Boxing Ring
Describe the idea you think is best
Lepe Rubingh
Inspired by the comic book: Cold Equator
The comic was written by the french cartoonist Enki Bilal
Stewart and James Robinson
Two brothers in South London
Created inside a boxing club after the brothers convinced them to play the game.
Inspired a Hong Kong movie titled "Ninja Chessmate"
Enki Bilal
French cartoonist who wrote the comic, "Froid Equateur"
This means cold equator in English
The comic book is the third in a trilogy, and creates the idea of chess boxing
The Overall Rules
The "bout" is decided by either a checkmate or a boxing stoppage
The players both agree on a time limit for chess moves before the game
Any player that goes over the time limit automatically loses by "time penalty"
The Chess...
If a piece is touched, it has to be moved
If an opponents piece is touched it must be taken
No stalling for time (this is judged by an arbiter)
If an opponents piece is accidentally knocked down, it must be picked back up and put squarely back into position or the player will have a time penalty added.
...and the Boxing
The rules of the boxing portion are the same of regular boxing
Consists of a determined three minute rounds
Three judges watch the rounds and assign points to the Boxer
A KO wins the match
While Playing Chess
The two players sit inside the ring while they play chess
The two opponents sit at a table with chairs in the middle of the ring.
This table is removed for the Boxing portion of the game.
While Boxing
This takes place in the entire Boxing Ring (like normal Boxing)
Normal Boxing rules apply
Where Could You Watch?
Ten steps to winning a chess match
1. Look at your opponents moves
2. Make the best possible move
3. Have a plan
4. Know what the pieces are worth
5. Develop quickly and well
6. Control the center of the board
7. Keep your king safe
8. Know when to trade pieces
9. Think about your end game
10. Always be alert
Master these ten things and you will win at the Chess portion
Boxing is more about conditioning than strategy
You have to physically outlast your opponent
Play to your Strengths
Don't let the other player decide how you will play
Keep your defense sharp
Get-off first
Make sure you set the pace
Remain Confident and focused
With these things in mind, you should excel at the Boxing portion of Chessboxing
Get people interested
Get noticed
In order for the Chessboxing World Association to notice you, develop your own league, and become a great player
If you want to have huge tournaments, you have to start your own league (or just move to London)
Refer back to the pros and cons
Explain how it will help
Describe the next steps
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
The game is most popular in London
Live matches are watched by fans
Must be 18 to get in
The last match of 2013 is Dec. 14 between Mike "The Bedfordshire Bull" Botteley, Dani Lizarraga, Tim "CSI" Bendfeldt, Isidro Getafe, and Matt "Crazy Arms"
There is also an Italian Chess Boxing Federation, a Russian Chess Boxing Organization, a Spanish Chess Boxing Association, and a UK Chess Boxing Association
Chessboxing has exploded in India after someone saw it on the internet.
In 2013 there were two national matches from players who at first were just playing with friends.
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