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Seven Principles Of the Constitution

No description

loai kayyali

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Seven Principles Of the Constitution

Popular Soverignty Is where the people rule.
Americans have the power to govern themselves. Republicanism IS where the public votes for the represantatives. Example:The people give the Government the power by voting Example: The people vote for the president. they vote for the person they feel will best represent America and their beliefs. Federalism The government power
is divided into small units. Example: There is a central government and smaller, units such as states. Seperation Of Powers The government is divided into three branches. Example: The Legeslative branch is where
the congress makes laws.
The Exectutive branch is the president
who inforced laws.
The Judicial branch is where the supreme court
interprets laws. Checks and Balances Every branch of governmentcan
have checks and control
over other branches. Example: The president can
veto laws that the congress makes. Limited Governement The government has limited power. Example:The president has to follow the same laws as the people. This keeps the president and other government officals from abusing their power. Individual Rights Individual rights are freedoms and rights of the constitution gurantees for all law abiding citizens Example: The first amendment, government cannot keep the people from speaking their mind Seven Principles of the Constitution Popular Sovereignty Republicanism Federalism Seperation of Powers Checks and Balances Limited Government Thank you for Watching
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