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No description

Casey York

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Ethos

It is harder to be the person who breaks up with someone.
It is harder to be the person who gets dumped.
Break Ups
When it comes to...
sit on this side if you believe
For today's warm-up: list three reasons why you believe what you believe about this issue.
Please number a blank sheet of paper from 1-5.
1. What is a "fallacy?"
2. What is "persuasion?"
3. What is an "appeal?"
4. What is an "advocate?"
5. Give one example of an advocate, and say what cause they advocate for or against.
Please pass your papers in at this time.
Ethos (n.): an appeal that is based on how reputable or credible the speaker is.
New Vocab
1. Reputation
2. Credibility
3. Emphasize
4. Ethical
5. Ethos
Some High Point students have a reputation of being pretty wild in the hallways.
Reputation (n.): the general attitude of the majority towards a certain person, place, or thing.
We all thought that Andre was an honest guy, but his credibility was shot when we discovered he'd been stealing money from his own grandmother.
credibility (n.): believability, how much you can get people to trust you
Ethos attempts to convince someone by emphasizing the credibility of the author's reputation.
My teacher emphasized how important this assignment would be towards our final grade.
emphasize (v.): to focus on
Cheating on a test is not a very ethical thing to do.
ethical (adj.): moral, morally justified
What makes a person credible?
A person's particular job
Recommendations from other reputable sources
In my work as a professional talent scout, I've never seen anyone with the kind of skills that you have.
I've been a doctor for seventeen years.
I watched every single episode of "Spongebob Squarepants," and I can tell you for certain that he's never once dressed up as Britney Spears.
Jay-Z has had 11 number one albums in a row, making him the most successful solo recording artist of all time.
"Rocky" won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1976.
My math teacher said that she's never seen a student master geometry as quickly as I have, and she's been teaching for twenty years!
George Bush had one of the lowest approval ratings of any president in U.S. history.
Kanye West said that the new Lil Wayne album is "the best hip hop album of the year."
Group Challenge
Work with partners of your choice to make a poster that ONLY uses

to defend any argument(s)
that you can think of!
Let's go back to our warm-up and use ETHOS to defend our case...
Let's look at some examples of ETHOS in action...
One more time...
is an argument that appeals to people based on how credible the speaker is. The more we trust a person, the more likely we are to believe what they say is true!
Write a paragraph (five sentences) in which you identify how a TV COMMERCIAL of your choice uses ethos. Include a topic sentence and 3 supporting details.
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