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Etiquette and Protocol

ida fetiu

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of ProProtocol

Expected Results
Training is based on a mix of theory, interactive presentations, and practical examples, where every moment will immerse the participants in the spirit of etiquette and protocol.
Price and payment
Price per person in mixed group is 490€
Special offers are:
1.Discount of 100€(wich is 390€ per person) for groups of 15-20 people from the same institution or company. Dates and time of the training will be fixed as requested by the group, as well as modifications to the training can be made, according to the needs and requested by the group.
2.For participation in mixed group, we offer discount for groups of 10-20 persons, the price per is 440€.
3.Registration and full payment is made up to one week prior when we inform you. Of course, interested participants can always register earlier and reserve their seat.
Purpose of training
Etiquette and protocol create a framework for a state image. Knowing how to use them effectively requires training and partical experience.
Etique and Protocol
Introduction and Pratice
For the first time in Kosovo, the training is held in Albaninan language, with possible translation/lecturing in Englisht language on request.
A range of partial issues and real case scenarios will be discussed during the training such as :
What is the order of precedence of the official ranks?
Etiquette and Protocol
Introduction and pratice training aims to introduce to the participant the rules and norms of etiquette, as well as the rules governing diplomatic relations between states and international organizations.
During the training participants will
Learn about official European etiquette and its application in the diplomatic service and other states and international organizations;
Learn about professional courtesy and practice of the European protocol adapted to the Kosovo state protocol and local costums, as well as diplomatic and official ceremony;
Increase the knowledge and skills of participants to accurately interpret etiquette and diplomatic protocol and develop eritical and creative thinking in unexpected situations.
What is the order of precedence of states or local authorities?
How to set flags?
How should different official authorities be addressed?
What are the royal titles and what is the proper royal etiquette?
What should i wear at a reception after 18:00?
What is the proper seating arrangement in official meetings or dinners with potential donors?
What is the seating arrangement in negotiation meetings or signing ceremonies?
Gestures and what do the mean?
1.Become familiar with the concepts of diplomatic etiquette and protocol and the difference between the two;
2.Learn about practical application of diplomatic protocol and business etiquette, in goverment structures and external relations;
3.learn to exercise judgment and take partial steps in implementing the norms and rules of etiquette and protocol in the following situations:
Dealing with the diplomatic corps;
Foreign organizations operating in the country and official institutions;
During international conferences, official receptions and farewells, international activities and ceremonies
4.Undestand the principle of reciprocity in protocol, respect for foreing rules and customs, and the role of a host the role of a guest.
Excellence in practice!
All participants will be certified at the end of the training on"Etiquette and protocol - introduction and praactice"
Truthfully yours,
Registration :
In order to register for the training, the following information is required to be sent by e-mail on info@proprotocol.com

1.Name and Surname
2.Date of birth(participants have to be 18 years or older)
4.Contact number
5.Dates of the training you wish to attend

In order to secure your place at the training the full amount has to be paid a week in advance.
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