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Fall of the Western Roman Empire

World History Presentation

Brittni Byun

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Fall of the Western Roman Empire

Fall of Western Roman Empire Visigoths-Spain Alaric-King Highest priority Most skilled physician
was in charge of his overall health Safety of the king meant the welfare of the people could be maintained Government Laws that worked for both the Hispanics and the Visigoths Treason was the worst crime to commit Ostrogoths-Italy Theodoric- Ruler Loved Roman Culture Built palaces that were modeled after palaces in Constantinople Need for food and better shelter Government Kept most Roman laws Continued most Roman traditions Wanted a gothic kingdom in Italy Need for shelter and food Mutual respect between Theodoric and the Catholic Church Franks Clovis-Ruler 466-511 A.D. Gaul is the territories in the Western Europe Many barbarians live in Gaul as well as a few remaining footholds of the Roman Empire Helped to lessen the influence of the Roman Empire Wages most conquests 486 A.D.
First campaign was a direct attack to the Romans in Gaul Kingdom of Syagrius vs. Clovis Syagrius is defeated at Soissons Roman influence in Gaul diminished 507 A.D. Fought with Alaric, King of the Visigoths Battle of Vouillé Gained Romanised lands in southern Gaul Campaigned internally to make state stronger 507-511 A.D.
Unified state helped to fend off Romanized expansion from Ostragoths Zaida Alvarez
Brittni Byun
Alesi Ruiz
Andrew Vargas
Gaby Velasquez Valentinian II Valens Gracian Theodosius Huns Pulling Troops out of Britain 408 A.D.-Alaric led the attack of the Visigoths to Rome Could have destroyed the city swiftly, but instead he agreed to come to terms with the government Honorius refused to meet Alaric’s demand so Alaric responded by moving his men to blockade the city. Meeting was to take place near Ravenna, but was interrupted by a Gothic chieftain sent to attack by the imperial service Infuriated, Alaric once again marched into Rome, this time with no intent of negotiating and sacked the city Sack of Rome Britain Empire prospered for the first two centuries 300's A.D.- Invasions and barbarian attacks began weakening the empire After a period of containment from the barbarian invaders Romans began to withdrawal troops out of Britain Britain was attacked by the Visigoths, unable to defend itself. Britain was left
under the control of barbarians. Attila
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