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The Career Maze!!!!

No description

Matt Rensi

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of The Career Maze!!!!

Becoming an Expert witness
Managed Care
Insurance Panels
Developing a Cash-based practice
Complete your degree (and look into internships)
Getting Licensed Through Community mental health
5 Major Routes
Get Licensed (or supervision)
Get Licensed
Complete your degree
Expert Witness
The Career Maze!!!!
Managed Care
Insurance Panels
Developing a Cash-based practice
Getting Licensed through community health
Pick a Specialty
Practice for a long time
Teach and write in your specialty
Offer your services as a professional
You get to be the expert!
Can be very financially lucrative
Some people find it easier than working one-on-one with clients
Reduced note-taking!
Can take a very long time to achieve expert status
You "get" to deal with lawyers
Debating MD's
High possibility of losing your license
Get licensed
Kiss your life goodbye
Don't have to recruit your own clients
Steady work hours
Benefits usually included
In house referrals to doctors or psychiatric services
Large case-loads
Short-term treatment highly emphasized
They "own" you
You and clients can begin to feel like another cog in the machine
Become familiar with organizations
Spit-shine the Resume
Fill out their application
See clients
Can work with a cash-based private practice
Once you're in the system you're usually good
You don't have to work for an agency
Takes a lot of work at the beginning
Can lead to note-taking nightmares
Insurance agencies have access to PHI
Billing can be difficult at times
Business license
Rent an office and get a phone
Work your own hours
No insurance agencies to deal with
No paper-trail of notes floating out in cyberspace
Cash-pay clients are usually more motivated
Establishing a client base is difficult (and costly)
Most clients have insurance and don't want to pay for what insurance will cover
Juggling different responsibilities
Reluctance to terminate
Polish up the Resume
Apply at community mental health facilities
License not required
Supervision is free!
Unlimited client load
Lot's of good experience
Benefits usually included
Helping the most needy
Most chronic clients
Often a production environment
Pay can be peanuts
Large case-loads
Burnt-out peers
Government audits
Research the specialty
Advertise and network
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