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Northwood Library and Media Center

No description

Cyndie Reyes

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Northwood Library and Media Center

... to a place with endless possibilities.
Let's take a journey,...
Voting for their favorites
The California Young Reader Medal committee, offers a list of book titles for school libraries to share with their students each year.

The selection of titles is by recommendation to the committee by readers who would like to put the books up for nomination.

Between October and March, the books get read, the students pick their favorites and before the end of March, they get to be a part of the voting process and your child will have a voice in selecting the winning book(s) of the year in the state of California!
Come and visit our LMC
Library Visitations
It all begins here...
Welcome to Northwood Library Media Center
To help get our students ready for the 21st century global world, we offer a more digital library experience, while continuing to offer old-school, traditional ways of learning.

Students are exposed to a variety of technology-based resources, with which to research and collect information, record their findings, engage in collaborative conversation, and present their final projects, by bridging their lessons from classroom to library.
Classes visit the library once a week for storytelling, reader's theater, book previews, book checkouts, and more.

Each student has an opportunity to learn about the library environment; how and where to find their favorite books, genres, interest and reading levels.

We promote responsibility in all our students to ensure they have the best library experience. They understand the importance in the handling of, care of, and return of their library books.

Our mission is to bring literature into their lives and instill a love of reading.
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