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changing the environment

This a description that will persuade you and many more to recycle. This is a presintaion created by the two jimmys.

james collins

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of changing the environment

How to help the environment
through recycling any paper aluminium and steel cans cardboard plastic glass-mixed car batteries
timber and wood mobile phones bottles Here is a list of some recyclable products
if WE recycle, WE can change the world
please respect the world and make a difference garden waste bottle bank recycle bin,
here are some of the
things that go in it Thanks,for watching and reading our presentation of how we can help protect the environment!
WE need YOU to make a difference! Here's something to think about:
Our world is becoming a giant rubbish
dump. And if you dont help, the world will be over before we are!
James c and James.d by This... to this... to this... to us This will happen if you dont recycle...
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