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indus valley

No description

dylan gubbin

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of indus valley

Which religious beliefs influenced them?
Who are some of the significant people?
Prince Siddhartha Gautama was Born in the Shaka republic in the Himalayan foothills,he is believed to have lived and taught mostly in eastern India. Sometime between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE.The farming people mean a lot to the Indus valley civilization without them they wouldn't have no crop or animals.The priest king is a 19cm statue what they worship.
What legacies did they leave?
The Indus valley had left behind well planed cities,kilned fired bricks, jewelery,statues and bronze.they also left behind buttons,zips and drainage systems.The indus valley was very peaceful and very few weapons have been found.
How did they interact with the enviroment?
The Indus valley civvilization had the Indus River for growing food & for piping into the cities.They had fertile soil but they had to deal with a clay soil which compacts easily. At the same time the clay was great for making bricks.

How did they interact with other societies?
The Indus valley civilization traded with local villages along the river.In their boats they traded food,animals,materials,ornaments and tools they also traded along the sea.
When did some significant events occur?
The Indus valley civilization established in 3000BC that was 5014 years ago. Harrapa and mohenjo-daro was built in 2500BC harrapa is a current village.the aryans invade india in 1600bce.
the end
Indus Valley
Ancient India
The Indus Valley is the birth place of Hindu and Buddhism.
Did you know that the Indus Valley is 80% Hindu and has the 2nd largest muslism population?.There has been Stonework found by architects and has shown images of one of the Hindu gods known as the Shiva Lingam.
Dylan was here
Dylan was here 1340's
thanks for watching
by dylan
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