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Copy of Transportation Services

Overview of services offered

Courtney Freeman

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Transportation Services

Transportation Services University Parking Seminole Express Monday - Friday
7:00am-7:00pm Fall/Spring 7:00am-5:00pm Summer TMT Transport Charter bus service that travels to Central and South Florida Gainesville, Orlando, Ft. Pierce, West Palm Beach, Pompano, Miami Departs: Thursday, Friday & Sunday
Returns: Friday, Sunday & Monday 15,000 Parking Spaces 82% of FSU students are from Florida Transportation Services Employees: 24
Operating budget: $12 million
Transportation Access Fee: $8.40 per credit hour Permits Nighttime Transportation Worked with SGA to determine hours of operation. Seminole Express Routes: Garnet, Gold, Tomahawk, Renegade, Heritage, Osceola, The Village Night Nole Safe Connection GOTCHA Fall & Spring Late night bus route serving local community venues, restaurants, and shopping off campus. Transportation Access fee helps fund this unique program SAFE Connection provides transportation for campus destinations only. 7:00pm to 3:00am 7 days a week 850-644-SAFE Safety Matters at FSU Free rides Tips appreciated Monday - Thursday 7:30am-1:00am
Friday 7:30am-3:30am
Saturday - Sunday 10:00pm-3:30am Serves campus & downtown locations 850-270-6787 Nole Cab Eco-friendly A reliable ride home 7 days a week 10:00pm-4:00am 850-645-TAXI $4 per ride - up to 4 students with a valid FSUCard Over 50,000 permits annually ZipCar New Services Zimride Community Car Sharing Rent by the hour or day Ridesharing Program through social networking Seminole Auto Care Semester or Yearly Membership
Students and Employees
Tow, lockout, and roadside assistance
Coming January 2012 AVIS Car Rental Discounted car rental rates for students, their families, and employees Annual Membership Reservations include:
Gas, Insurance, and 24/7 roadside assistance Share seats in your car or catch a ride 9300 Student
3700 Employee
630 Reserved
440 Disabled
330 Meters 300 Motorcycle
90 Service Vehicles
60 Loading Zone
30 Short Term
10 Alternative Fuel 5 Parking Garages W. Pensacola St. (#6) Coming Summer 2012 Our Organization
Our Core Business
Additional Services We Offer
New Services
Service Improvements
Our Goals
Q & A What We'll Cover Today Woodward Ave (#1) 973 spaces
Traditions Way (#2) 856 spaces
Stadium Dr. (#3) 1194 spaces
Call St. (#4) 982 spaces
St. Augustine (#5) 978 spaces Operates: Tuesday- Saturday 10:30pm - 3:00am Become seen as a FSU community collaborator and not as a punitive entity
Provide more robust transportation program
Fiscally responsible
Clear and defined maintenance and upgrade strategy Goals Service Improvements Parking Access Green Operated Transportation Carrying Humanity Around Prior to Fall 2007: 2 bus routes on campus
Fall 2007: Introduced 4 off-campus bus routes
Fall 2008: Introduced 5th off-campus bus route, "Osceola"
Fall 2009: Introduced 6th off-campus bus route, "The Village" Recognition Maintenance divison received The Collaborator Award given by F&A in 2011 Parking FDOT funded program to promote free, sustainable transport for work
commuters and university students. Carpool matching
Bike Commuting
Education Courses
Emergency Ride Home Program 1-888-454-RIDE
www.commuterservices.org - Law School student gate (FSUCard)
- Maintenance parking facility (RFID) Way finding solution in garages
Garage Counter
License Plate Reader
Online temporary permits (students & employees)
Departmental permit delivery
Parking lot renovations: Mecca, Brinkley, Salley, Jefferson St., Hull Dr., DeGraff (Summer 2012) GPS on buses Seminole Express - Expand R & D Projects
- Greener suite of services Students and employees can ride all city buses for free with a vaild FSUCard ADDITIONAL SERVICES Mobile App
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