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Teacher Gone Bad: Rachelle Gendron

No description

Loren Glen

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Teacher Gone Bad: Rachelle Gendron

Teacher Gone Bad: Rachelle Gendron
Specific Facts
Teacher since 2008
Sex Education teacher had sexual relationship with 14 year old student
Multiple text message and picture message of explicit pictures were sent between the lovers
Had sex multiple times in the relationship
Teacher was fired once allegations began to protect the students
Outcome of the Case
The teacher was fired even before she was convicted guilty to protect the students.
Implications on teacher profession
This case imparticular is an example of why teachers are not allowed to have sexual relationships with students. for one, it is illegal to have sexual activity with anyone under 18. Second, the student was in this teachers class. This is look down on in every case and should not happen. It is a discrase to us as teachers and is looked on that every teacher does this.
Topic can be avoided by...
This is just common sense. DO NOT HAVE ANY SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH A STUDENT, PERIOD. I don't care what your intentions are or whatever, don't let it happen. It is a terrible idea and it will never end up in your favor.
Professional opinion
Honestly this should never happen. Especially because the student is 14 years of age. That is illegal in every circumstance. Let alone that a teacher of a school was having a sexual relationship with the student. This should not be a problem at all but unfortunately it is. In my opinion as a teacher, if there is ever any circumstance that is slightly inappropriate, that teacher should report it immediately. You are literally risking your job/life for this circumstance and you should not only make the right decision but you should make the no brainier decision as well.
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