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Zimbabwe: Ethnic Conflict

No description

Madison Freeman

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Zimbabwe: Ethnic Conflict

Zimbabwe: Ethnic Conflict
President Robert Mugabi
A pro-independence campaigner who struggled for control from a small white community to become the country's first black leader.
President Robert Mugabi presides over Zimbabwe whose economy is in deep crisis and where poverty and unemployment are endemic.
Mr. Mugabi blames Britain and it's allies of sabotaging the economy in revenge for the distribution program.

What Lies At the Root of This Conflict?
Rhodesia, also officially known as the Rebublic of Zimbabwe Rhodesia, was until recently an unrecognized state.
This state was settled by whites, although blacks had wanted independence from Britain.
The white people residing in Rhodesia claimed the state as theirs in 1965 spurring conflict.

How long has there been tension or conflict?
1888: White settlers came from Britain with prejudice against blacks and formed government.
1965: Rhodesia's predominately white government issues its own Unilateral Declaration of Independence.
1978: A brutal guerrilla war fought by two black nationalist organizations conceded to biracial democracy.
1979: Muzorewa replaces Smith as Prime minister and the nation is renamed as the Republic of Zimbabwe as it gains independence from Britain.
Current President of Zimbabwe
What is the Spatial Extent of The Conflict?
How many people have been affected? In what ways?
There are approximately 11,400,00 people living in Zimbabwe, each person is affected by this problem at the workplace and in their community.
Both blacks and whites are affected.
Examples of how this conflict presents itself:
Global Scale: The Great Britain government and the United Nations placed sanctions on Rhodesia to hurt the white government.
Regional Scale: Approximately 850,000 are homeless after independence of Rhodesia from Great Britain.
Local Scale: Tension and fighting between blacks and whites have occurred.
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