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Social Media and crisis comm's

Presentation to members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations based in the Wessex region of the UK. Presentation aims to give an introduction to the case studies being discussed in the forums

John Weet

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Media and crisis comm's

Cure all for crisis comm's Possible Side Effects The application of social media is making the crisis worse

The application of social media is not alleviating the crisis
Read the small print In addition, Social Media can be used by other parties to initiate a crisis about your organisation.

If this happens to you then applying varying doses of social media may help alleviate or resolve the crisis Case Studies Habitat UK The use of Social Media instigated a crisis British Airways Social Media used to mitigate against crisis Videos and letter on BA.com Video replicated on YouTube FaceBook fan page Customers using YouTube Nestle Greenpeace use Social media to raise awareness. The campaign goes Viral Nestle did not react well on their FaceBook fan page Nestle

To repeat: we welcome your comments, but please don’t post using an altered version of any of our logos as your profile pic, we’ll delete it. Paul Griffin

Hmm, this comment is a bit “Big Brotherish” isn’t it? I’ll have whatever I like as my logo pic thanks! And if it’s altered, it’s no longer your logo is it! Nestle

That’s a new understanding of intellectual property rights. We’ll muse on that. You can have what you like as your profile picture. But if it’s an altered version of any of logos we'll remove it from this page Paul Griffin

Not sure you’re going to win friends in the social media space with this sort of dogmatic approach. I understand that you’re on your back-foot due to various issues not excluding Palm Oil but Social Media is about embracing your market, engaging and having a conversation rather than preaching! Read www.cluetrain.com and rethink! Nestle

Thanks for the lesson in manners. Consider yourself embraced. But it’s our page, we set the rules, it was ever thus. Toyota Toyota is in crisis Everybody was full of advice But what should they have done? Who is their audience? What media should you use to reach them? Social media is not a cure-all It is just one of an array of cures Social Media and
Crisis Communications Most people will experience some or all of the following problems.

If you get any of these serious side effects, stop what you are doing and re-evaluate your Social Media strategy Use of the cure-all has started a crisis
Crisis is getting worse
Crisis is not getting better Group Exercises What did the companies do well?
What did they do badly?
How could they have averted the crises?
What should they have done?
Lessons learned
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