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Turkish oil wrestling

health progect

paryse reed

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Turkish oil wrestling

Turkish Oil Wrestling warm up Rules There are many rules similar to regular wrestling. Such as: you cannot bite, punch, kick, scratch or pull your opponents hair. You can also win by walking three steps or in a whole cercle while holding your opponent. [off the ground] The goal is to get your opponent on there back. History A long time ago people applied olive oil because it helped keeping Mosquitoes away from you. Some people even rubbed olive oil on there skin when wrestling. They did this until it was a recongized sport. The more oil, the better! Health Famous Players Emotional Physical Social Turkey There are very many famous oil wrestlers. Here are just some of the many famous players: Kel Hasan, Arnavutoglu Ali, Kavasoglu Koca and Kel Alico. Kel Hasan was once a sea man. turkey is about 7900 kelometers away from were we are right now. were you are this is turkey
(the country) Kavasoglu Koca stood 1.90 meter tall. Kel Alico is the best oil wrestler of all times he was the head wrestler for 27 years in a row.he was nicknamed "Ruthless". Arnavutoglu Ali was very skill full. Interesting Facts Did you know that purses and medals were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. these awards could also represent manly hood. Turkish people were also the first people to introduce coffey to the Eurapeans. And the very famous jelly bean is the north american version of turkish delights. turkish delights
jelly beans Championships There is a very popular tournament in Edirne called krpinar oil wrestling championships. they play the championships 'sudden death' style. after last match awads are awarded to first, second and third place winners In oil wrestling many players get a chance to make friends with there opponents. If your a father you get to bond with your son while teaching them. If your a son you get to bond with your dad when he teaches you, you also get to be your dad's apprentice. oil wrestling gives opportunities for competitors to have fantastic social health. Thank you for your attention!!! When most people play oil wrestling they usually have great physical health. Most players are muscular so they can pick up or force their opponent to the ground. During the match each player is using all their muscles to push, pull, lift and grab onto their opponent. This requires a healthy heart and strong muscles. Turkish oil wrestling is a very important sport in Turkey, which allows young boys to compete and make friends. While playing this sport you get very close to your opponent and you get more experienced each time you play by learning your opponents strategies, strengths and weaknesses. In this sport you always get a bit closer to every one you wrestle with or learn with. Answers for the true or false questions:
1.true 2.true
3.false 4.true
5.true 6.true
7.false 8.false
9.true 10.false
11.false 12.true
13.false 14.true
15.false 16.true
17.true 18.false
19.false 20.false
21.true 22.true
23.false 24.true
25.false 26.false get ready for the oil!!!! :)
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