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Forensic Pathology

No description

Diana Deutsch

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Forensic Pathology

Trained physician that examines the bodies of people who died suddenly, unexpectedly, or violently.
Responsible for determining the death, ex. homicide, suicide, accidental, natural, or unknown. FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST Generally lasts 13-15 years
Includes coursework and hands on training
First need Bachelors degree
Second is Medical School
Third is residency Education/Training Work full time
Generally 10-12 hours
Most time is spent in the lab performing autopsies
Write official reports
Make court appearances

$80,000-200,000 per year
More experience=more money Work Schedule/Salary Study persons medical history
Evaluate crime scene evidence
Perform autopsy to find evidence
Use this info to determine which one of the five causes of death it was. (Natural, homicide, suicide, accident, undetermined)
They then testify in court
Testimony and credibility can be the determining factor of a defendants guilt or innocence. Techniques Used to Determine Death Equipment Used One can work for the city, county, federal government, hospitals, medical schools, or a private/group practice
Outlook is Excellent
Not many openings at a time, but not many people finish the whole process. Job Outlook Casey Anthony Trial Case History

Forensic Pathologist couldn't find any solid evidence to prove her guilty or innocent
Turned into a long, famous, controversial trial
Case proves how important autopsies are
If one had found solid evidence, the case would have been way shorter and not such a controversial topic throughout the Country. http://explorehealthcare.org/en/career/129/forensic_pathologist\
Case History- www.propublica.org/article/casey-anthony-trial Websites
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