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SOUNDSCAPE IS FOR THE BIRDS aka Field of Sound, is Stochasti

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sylvi macCormac

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of SOUNDSCAPE IS FOR THE BIRDS aka Field of Sound, is Stochasti

John Cage Silence (4:33)
R. Murray Schafer, suggests that we try to hear the acoustic environment as a musical composition and further, that we own responsibility for its composition
Soundscape Composition is a form of electroacoustic music, developed at Simon Fraser University including the presence of environmental sounds and contexts, to invoke the listener's associations, memories, and imagination related to the soundscape. Compositions can range from "found sound" to abstract transformations with a common goal of Sonic Ecological Awareness .
SOUNDSCAPE is For the Birds
Field of Sound: is Stochastic a Dirty Word ?
Keynote - ground ambience
Sound Signal - figure message
Soundmark - cultural significance
Geophony - earth wind fire air
Biophony - wild animals organisms
Anthrophony - people electromechanical
Bernie Krause - www.wildsanctuary.com
Acoustic Ecology focuses on the inter-relationship between sound, nature and society, especially in relation to health. Soundscape Ecology is on the environmental agenda, as soundscapes from forests to deserts are being lost or contaminated by anthrophonic noise pollution.
i try to listen to
the still, small voice within
but i can't hear it
above the din (Eliza Ward)
Listener recognizability of the source material is maintained
Listener's knowledge of the environmental and psychological context is invoked
Composer's knowledge of the environmental and psychological context influences the shape of the composition at every level. The work enhances our understanding of the world and its influence carries over into everyday perceptual habits. Barry Truax
World Soundscape Project 1960s
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology 1993
Soundscape is the Sonic Environment
'Sound is the vocabulary of Nature' (Pierre Schaeffer)
Health effects of excessive noise include hearing impairment, hypertension, changes to immune system and well being.
Wildlife depends on hearing to communicate. Anthrophonic noise causes biophonic disruption or collapse.
We are in the Soundscape
We are part of the Soundscape
Stewards of the Soundscape
Responsible for our Voices and Noises
Responsible for Ethics of Recording Others
WFAE works in collaboration with its world-wide network of Affiliated Organizations to promote:
Education - in listening to the soundscape, sharpening aural awareness and deepening listeners' understanding of environmental sounds and their meanings. Research and Study - of the social, cultural, scientific and ecological aspects of the sonic environment. Publishing and Distributing of information and research on Acoustic Ecology. Protecting and Preserving existing natural soundscapes and times and places of quiet. Designing and Creating healthy and acoustically balanced sonic environments.
When asked if he knew of any great music teachers,
John Cage replied “Murray Schafer of Canada"
Soundwalk & Deep Listening
Phenomenology & Literature
Being Sound Being Language
Words & Sounds are Signifiers
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