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Barack Obama; a good president

No description

Prakamya Agrawal

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Barack Obama; a good president

Barack Obama BY...

Have you ever come across a president that has made a big impact on America. Barack Obama is a good president for several reasons.....
What Many People Think About Health Care Reforms
Myth: Obamacare takes away freedom (government has control over health care)
Fact: Consumers have more control on which doctors and cost
-Obamacare: insurance companies pay more; we pay less
-Good for consumers FOREIGN POLICIES How Did Obama Help
the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Health Care Reform (con.)
Myth: Obamacare is what will determine if you live or die
Fact: With Obamacare, insurance companies can't say no if no insurance

Myth: Insurance Companies and Businesses will lose money
Fact: May lose money but making billions each year
-what they will pay for us is tiny margin
-insurance companies should already be paying for us He stopped the war in Iraq Obama is Stopping Torture Going to Close Guantanamo bay

-Guantamano bay is a place where
the U.S.A tortured Afghanistan
prisoners fsljfdksjkfjlkdfjlsjflkdj There has been a 54% increase in the worlds cofidence in the U.S president since Obama stepped in

Every countries perception of the U.S.A went up except for Israel which declined OBAMA IMPROVED THE WAY AMERICA IS
PERCIEVED is doing a good job as president His Domestic Policies His Foreign Policies THANKS FOR WATCHING!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) obviously Barack Obama is doing a good job as president because of.... -His Foreign and Domestic Policies IKYGTS that Barack Obama has Broken Promises
-still has term leftover
-made 500 promises during campaign
-91 promises kept
-33 compromised
-87 stalled
-only 14 broken
-rest (275) are "in the works"
(as of January 19, 2010) Domestic Policies That Are Good For America

Health Care:
-everyone is insured
-people can choose their own doctors
-employees don't need to pay out of their pocket for health insurance (covered by employer)
-lower cost (premium) save up to $3000 Domestic Policies: Tax Relief and Job Creation for America

-Tax increases are avoided
-More than 2.5 million jobs were either saved or created for Americans
-provides tax relief of about $128 billion for the year 2011
-signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which has been responsible for about 3 million American jobs -Saved money -Helped peoples lives Fighting the war in Afganistan -Preventing the taliban from taking over Now:
-112 promises kept
-24% of promises
-rest are "in the works" Prakamya Agrawal Shruti Shankar Andrea Daniel Tax Relief and Job Creation (con.)
-disagreed to lower taxes for the wealthy
-95% of all working families received a tax cut
-millions of families were lifted out of poverty after the tax cuts
-launched a $15 billion plan to lend money to small businesses Broken Promises (con.)
-examples of promises he has kept:
-health care
-removing troops from Iraq
-closing Guantanamo
-helped people whose homes were foreclosed
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