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Reading and writing in the 21 century

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griselda garzon

on 5 July 2014

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Transcript of Reading and writing in the 21 century

New Literacies
This concept has to do with
digital literacies
online messaging
phones and computers.
It also deals with letters, symbols, colours, sounds and graphics to extend language and the ways we communicate.
Reading and writing in the 21st century

The three concepts provide the citizens a framework of varieties of forms so that they will be able to create a critical knowledge necessary for citizens of a democracy.
Information Literacy
It is part of an integrated set of skills that people need to aquire to be effective in what,where and how find trustworthy information they need.
New literacies changed the readers and writers attitude. They need new skills and reading competences. As the texts are not any more lineal, "readers" have the chance to become "writers" adding, changing or creating new ideas.

Three concepts, one goal.
Because the new literacies are the new way of teaching and learning: writing and reading.
So keep an eye on the new literacies
New literacy
Information literacy
Changes in R&W's roles
Changes in readers and writers roles
Developing new skills
Mabel Cayo Galindo
Natalia Griselda Garzón
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