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Miami, Arizona

No description

Leilani Clark

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Miami, Arizona

Miami, Arizona:

Miami, Arizona
Arizona Mining
Mining is very important to Arizona, but is also a threat. The reason mining is so important to Arizona is because without mining there would be no Arizona like there is today. Mining helped people get jobs, it helps economic development, and it's used for decorations and roofing, There are so many things that mining can do for Arizona, but there are so many negative impacts. Toxic substances are released through mining, wildlife habitat destruction, water pollution and so much more. Mining has a lot more negative impacts than benefits. I have a question would the world be a better place without mining?
Fun Facts
Status: Active Town
Date Settled: 1909
Current Population:1,851
Elevation: 3,411 ft(1,040 meters)
Primary Mineral: Copper

In the big copper mining push in the 1880' the Miami area was ignored because large copper deposits. There were large deposits because copper ore was of a porphyric type with copper disseminated through the rock rather than robust in veins and pockets. Only at 2%-3% copper content was advised unprofitable to mine, however, progress in mining and smelting skill brought attention back to the Miami and the Miami Copper Company. From there they started digging it's huge hole in 1906.
Miami, AZ Mining
Miami, AZ Mines
"A mine is a hole in the ground, owned by a liar."
-Mark Twain
By: Leilani Clark
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