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This is what good readers do!!!

No description

Dana Michelle

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of This is what good readers do!!!

Good Readers...
Ask themselves QUESTIONS!!!
Good readers...
Make Connections!!!
Good readers...
Make inferences!!!
Good Readers...
Preview Text!!!
Good Readers...
Make Predictions!!!
This is what good readers do!!!
Good readers
look at the...
Good readers ask
-Good reads ask themselves if what they just read makes sense.

Good readers make predictions
Think to yourself, "What will happen next?" or "What will this character do next?"

Then you read ahead to see if your prediction is correct or not.
Good readers make inferences
To make inferences you have to imagine the details in the story.

Use the knowledge that you already have and put it together with what the author is talking about and you can up with what is happening or what will happen in the story.
Good reader make connections

Relate what you have just read to what
you know, your thoughts, your feeling,
and events in your life.

You can also compare what you have just
read to other books and stories that you
have read in the past.
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