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Biographical PPT: Katherine Anne Porter

No description

Art Flip-Flop

on 2 November 2017

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Transcript of Biographical PPT: Katherine Anne Porter

Katherine Anne Porter

Later Life
Childhood (Ed)
Early life
1918: Rocky Mountain News, Denver
1918: near-death pandemic
1919: Green Village, NY - fictional writings
1920s: Mexico - teacher and journalist
1926: married Ernest Stock
Got gonorrhea from Stock, removed ovaries, resulted in unable to reproduce
Late 1920s and 1930s: Europe - stories
1930-1942: married twice - divorced
As a Writer
continued short stories, published Ship of Fools
1948-1958: taught at several universities
Settled in College Park, Maryland
1970s: published
The Collected Essays and Occasional Writings
, and
The Never-Ending Wrong
- Sacco-Vanzetti

trial and execution
Died at September 18,1980 in Maryland
Born May 15, 1890, Indiana Creek, Texas
4 siblings
Mother died in 1892
live with paternal grandma, Catherine Ann Skaggs Porter (died 9 years later)
Lived with her dad in rented room in Victoria
Showed strong interests in writing
The Thomas School (San Antonio)
16: ran away, married to John Koontz

divorced 9 years later: religion problems

Texas and Chicago: singer and actress

1915: tuberculosis

recovery: decided to become a writer
After Death
buried beside her mother’s grave in Indian Creek Cemetery at Indian Creek
donated her works to the University of Maryland
housed a library of her name in both the University of Maryland and The University of Texas
Being told the reminiscences of Civil War and
tales of family past.
Long stay at Mexico
The Fiesta of Guadalupe
Expressed the hardships of the people in society.
Ship of Fools
Writing Style
richness of texture and complexity of character delineation.
characters and the settings in her stories often reflect her real life experiences
The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter
Published 1965
Three title stories:
Flower Judas
Pale Horse, Pale Rider
The Leaning Tower
Ship Of Fools
Only novel
Complete Boston, 1961
Published April 1, 1962
Lives of a bunch of mixed passengers on a ship from Mexico to Europe aboard a German freighter.
Allegory and depicts Nazism
Attacks the weakness of society as the result of World War Two
Famous and rich
The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter
National Book Award
Pulitzer Prize
Ship of Fools
Texas Institute of Letters fiction award
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Porter, Katherine Anne. The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne
Porter. New York: A Harvest Book. 1965. Print.
The ship of fools is an
allegory, originating from Plato
, that has long been a fixture in Western literature and art. The allegory depicts a vessel populated by human inhabitants who are deranged, frivolous, or oblivious passengers aboard a ship without a pilot, and seemingly ignorant of their own direction
This is strikingly similar to Porter's novel, however the message she conveys is hidden within symbolism and characterization and is an
attack at the human race for letting the Second World War occur
Aboard the Werra, there were 876 passengers in steerage, exactly as they appear in the novel, except aboard the ship, Vera.
Seven nationalities are aboard the ship Vera
-Germans, Mexicans, Americans, Swiss, Spanish, Swedish and Cubans.
Basing fiction on truth, Porter demonstrates her ability to absorb and reflect the past.

Porter manages to convey that salvation is an illusion, and evil is inevitable.
Her novel was turned into a movie in 1965, starring Vivien Leigh
Ship of Fools Legacy
Ship of Fools
is a scathing comment on the tragic failure of the life of man in the Western world.
However, critics claim that her novel lacks action, which makes it hard for the reader to grasp the full message.
"Do you know what they say in Mexico? Mexicans loathe the Americans, hate the Spaniards, distrust the English, admire the French and love the Germans."
In an interview with a reporter from the Baltimore Sun on May 5, 1975, Porter said that there was not a soul the book who was not actually on the passenger list of the Werra.
Writing Style
elevated diction
complex sentences
heavily reliant on characterization
symbolism reveals theme
sophisticated vocabulary
vivid imagery
takes from personal experiences
historical allusions
references to her past
"Symbolism happens of its own self and it comes out of something so deep in your own consciousness and your
own experience that I don’t think that most writers are at all conscious of their use of symbols. I never am until I
see them. They come of themselves because
they belong to me, and have meaning to me
, but they come of
themselves. I have no way of explaining them…and I suppose you don’t invent symbolism."

According to Porter...
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