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Tushaus Helpdesk

No description

James Carlson

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Tushaus Helpdesk

Tushaus Helpdesk
Methods for getting help
What the team is like
Understanding the SLA
Tushaus’ Apple Managed Service offering provides on-site and remote proactive service and support for Apple workstations and servers. Where applicable this includes but is not limited to: checking log files, verifying and repairing directory structure, hard drive SMART status and free space, data recovery, anti-virus software updates, performing daily, weekly and monthly maintenance scripts, repairing disk permissions, downloading and installing tested Operating System security patches and updates, installing firmware upgrades, downloading and installing application security patches and updates, verifying backups, cleaning and organizing fonts, analyzing and recommending system and workflow enhancements, product lifecycle planning, addressing user issues and concerns, troubleshooting, hardware repair, user training and support, configuring and setting up users and imaging systems.
Key Points:

· Priority over other service calls

· Assigned Apple Engineer

· Monthly scheduled onsite service with a minimum service of Eight (8) hours. Each trip to the customer site will be assessed a 1/2 hour (30 minutes) trip charge at the contracted Apple Preferred Service rate.

· Any additional Apple services outside of the scheduled visit such as Remote Support will be at the discounted rates as well.

· Any unused hours/dollars at the end of each billing period will be billed.

· Twelve-month commitment is measured from the latest of the two signature dates set forth below.

Business Value
Tushaus Computer Services’ Apple Managed Service is tailored for customers who recognize a need for productivity enhancement, as well as standards, procedures and protocols to reduce computer downtime and increase workflow efficiency. Tushaus is the #1 rated Apple service center in Southeastern Wisconsin, with service turnaround times consistently better than any service outlet in the area. Our technicians are trained to work on the latest equipment with the best procedures. Let Tushaus make your job easier and less frustrating, and give you piece of mind knowing your systems are properly designed, configured and maintained.
Advantages to Scheduled Time:
• A regularly assigned engineer becomes familiar with your organization
• Direct knowledge of your systems means we can troubleshoot problems at the onset
• Likewise, we can recommend and integrate appropriate technology advancements
• Resolution of unexpected problems through regularly scheduled visits
• Training and knowledge building of existing support staff
What is helpdesk and what can it help with?
How do you get help and what happens next?
What our team is like in terms of talents?
Understanding the SLA
Why are we using the helpdesk?
IT Focus on core goals
Leverage industry expertise and knowledge
Maintain high quality
Business focus on core goals
Measure and improve
Even workload across people
ROI - talent use
Tier 1: 6
Tier 2: 9
Tier 3: 26 - experts, certified
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